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guitar hero


I got a friend and incredible guitarist, Nadav Tabak, to do a little video clip of my 3D printed guitars in action in a range of different styles of music, and showing off some of the different designs. The clip goes through chords, finger picking, funk, blues, heavy rock, progressive, and alternative rock.

The bodies of all the guitars you see and hear in this clip were 3D printed, out of Duraform material (Nylon), on a 3D Systems sPro selective laser sintering system (SLS). This technology allows us to make incredibly intricate designs that just could not be made any other way.

You can find the specs of each particular guitar used in the clip on my website at You need to login to view this link

Can't thank Nadav enough for the awesome job!


Views: 1027 Submitted: 07/25/2013