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#740 - ooimilesoo (04/03/2012) [-]
I don't get how you guys can like a show made for little girls!
Can someone give me a half-decent reason to watch it?

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#768 to #740 - tozence (04/03/2012) [-]
Okay then, I hope I can be of your assistance, I am a brony but i will try and say this from as a neutral stand point as possible. The show doesn't REALLY follow a storyline. It is debatable that learning the meaning of friendship is the plot and storyline and all, but I won't go into that. I can see why you would have your hessitations at first, but most people, or at least most people I know and have heard of, like the show once viewing several or more episodes. The animation isn't bad either. It is basically a eutopia. In general everything is well and happy but despite this, you do encounter some serious and large problems that occur during the show. And it is allways at least one of the main six's job, to solve that problem. Except for the several episodes where the CMC(cutie mark crusaiders=Sweety Bell, Applebloom, Scootaloo) were the main characters and the main problems in those episodes have played around them. I can see why the colours bother you tho. Even when i begun being a brony, I needed a little time getting used to the rainbow and candy coloured ponies. But that doesn't actually make completely a ''girls'' show. Lauren Faust is the creator of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. Her goal for this show was to make a fine example of how ''kids or ''girls'' shows can be adored by younger as of older audiences. She created the show to be as enjoyable for little kids, as for adults. It's a little bit like Disney. Often enough you see some ''secret'' meaning behind things, such as a dirty joke or other references that only an adult would fully understand. The characters of the show have imperfections despite their outer image or status. The characters definetly develop throughout the show getting to know each other and everypony else. Finally, what I would like to say is, these characters, this show, means a lot for many people. For many different reasons, but I guess the most important one is that it reminds some of us of a better time, when we were kids.
User avatar #750 to #740 - walcorn (04/03/2012) [-]
It's Awesome
It's Awesome
It's Awesome
It's Awesome
It's Awesome
It's Awesome
The Animation is Fantastic!
User avatar #753 to #750 - ooimilesoo (04/03/2012) [-]
But it has multi-coloured ponies! I don't mean to be offensive to bronies, but it just seems so... cutesy and camp
User avatar #754 to #753 - walcorn (04/03/2012) [-]
You are completely free to express an opinion, but please, don't judge unless you've actually had some experience with it
User avatar #757 to #754 - ooimilesoo (04/03/2012) [-]
I need a better reason than 'it's awesome' to watch it dude! I'm not judging people for watching it, but I don't see the appeal! Give me a better reason than it's awesome and I'll consider watching it :D
User avatar #758 to #757 - walcorn (04/03/2012) [-]
It's not as retarded as the rest of the cartoons nowadays
It has good references, as to make it enjoyable for the older audience
The story is not so bad, yet you can watch a single episode, and still understand what's going on.
Considering it's made in Flash, the animators do a really good job making the ponies and scenery look that good.

User avatar #792 to #758 - midgeandsons (04/08/2012) [-]
southpark has the best references of all time...OF ALL TIME :P

kanye west
User avatar #759 to #758 - ooimilesoo (04/03/2012) [-]
Well, you've convinced me! I'll give it a go :P Any idea where I can watch the episodes?
User avatar #760 to #759 - walcorn (04/03/2012) [-]
the first 2 epidodes are jeally just a prolouge, to give the series a kick start, so I'm not sure if you'll want to watch those 2
I suggest this one: mlp-fim.com/16

User avatar #772 to #760 - ooimilesoo (04/03/2012) [-]
For the past hour I've been watching MLP and my opinions of it, are well.......


User avatar #773 to #772 - walcorn (04/03/2012) [-]
Step 2:
Join the thread
User avatar #774 to #773 - walcorn (04/03/2012) [-]
(Ignore uncle dolan's trolling)
User avatar #767 to #760 - ooimilesoo (04/03/2012) [-]
Thanks man ;)

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