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#226 - anon id: e7f10bf0
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(11/13/2012) [-]
its amazing how much trouble a simple image with writing on it can cause, also if you look carefully you can see peoples own opinions on why they hate bronies, how do i know this? simple, people tend to say a lot more that what the image shows.

example, see this image, people start mentioning cloppers

FYI, cloppers are furries, furries fat to pokemon, pokemon sex in in ****, stupid people are stupid, got a problem with cloppers, then you got a problem with furries, then you got "its a kids show" only the other day i saw charlie brown anal rape that girl that moved the football away, so childrens show my ass

ofcourse slopping is considered the main hate and its ******* stupid what **** comes out of your mouths so ******* deal with it