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#7 - tabarnafrank (04/26/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Honestly Im not a mlp lover so maybe thats why i dont get it
but how the hell can a song about a guy killing her girlfriend cause she laugh at him when he proposed, then he kept her alive, took showers w/ her and even ****** w/ her, Until she comes back to life to kill the ****** be Related to Ponies and magic and friendship....
Seriously Internet where the **** has this world gone
You tell me...
pik related, depressed of this world
User avatar #11 to #7 - celestiasbeard (04/26/2012) [-]
I know that we make a lot of inside jokes and we get **** about it but i will try to explain, cupcakes is a fanfic about pinkie pie killing and making cupcakes out of some of her victims
#4 - lazylazarus (04/26/2012) [+] (1 reply)
You just combined 2 of the most epic thing A7X and MLP    
You just combined 2 of the most epic thing A7X and MLP
#8 - auryn (04/26/2012) [+] (6 replies)
It's a shame to see so many faggots on here worship this pathetic attempt at music.

Back when I was a little bit younger we used to punch people wearing Ax7, Bullet for my Valentine, Slipknot or any other talentless bands merchandise just for the fun of it.

User avatar #9 to #8 - KoobZ (04/26/2012) [-]
I hear you
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User avatar #13 - pointblankrange (04/27/2012) [-]
iv been listening to this song for over a year and i never thought about that
#12 - LTB (04/27/2012) [-]
#10 - celestiasbeard (04/26/2012) [-]
Love this song so much *moments later after thinking of cupcakes* mother of god
#6 - crowdpleazer (04/26/2012) [-]
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#3 - anonymous (04/26/2012) [-]
Well, this song just reminds me of my boyfriend.
#2 - anonymous (04/26/2012) [-]
now, think of getting the **** out of the internet.
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