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You just combined 2 of the most epic thing A7X and MLP    
You just combined 2 of the most epic thing A7X and MLP
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Its like my whole childhood and adolescence were combined into one thought
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It's a shame to see so many faggots on here worship this pathetic attempt at music.

Back when I was a little bit younger we used to punch people wearing Ax7, Bullet for my Valentine, Slipknot or any other talentless bands merchandise just for the fun of it.

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Not sure if trolling or just incredibly bad taste in music...
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Stop being so conservative. Metal truly came forth in the 80s and many of the bands back then are the ones who truly pioneered the genre itself, but that doesn't that what's made today isnt any good. It only makes you look like a wannabe old-school poser in peoples eyes anyway.

Also, music is all about personal pref.
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You shouldn't assume so much.
I'm not conservative.

I listen to pretty much every heavy metal subgenre out there.

Black Metal, Death Metal, Folk Metal, Doom Metal, Gothic metal, Extreme metal, Industrial Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal, Neo-classical Metal, Traditional Heavy Metal etc. etc. you get the point.

I listen to both everything new and old.
And although taste in music can differ from person to person, some music is just plain bad.
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I hear you
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now, think of getting the **** out of the internet.
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Honestly Im not a mlp lover so maybe thats why i dont get it
but how the hell can a song about a guy killing her girlfriend cause she laugh at him when he proposed, then he kept her alive, took showers w/ her and even ****** w/ her, Until she comes back to life to kill the ****** be Related to Ponies and magic and friendship....
Seriously Internet where the **** has this world gone
You tell me...
pik related, depressed of this world
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I know that we make a lot of inside jokes and we get **** about it but i will try to explain, cupcakes is a fanfic about pinkie pie killing and making cupcakes out of some of her victims
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iv been listening to this song for over a year and i never thought about that
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Love this song so much *moments later after thinking of cupcakes* mother of god
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Well, this song just reminds me of my boyfriend.
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