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#45 - pixy (05/13/2013) [-]
what if we...idk....WAITED TO SEE WHAT IT WAS LIKE?
User avatar #51 to #45 - sebthebrony (05/14/2013) [-]
You do realize a trailer serves the function of giving you a preview of what's to come?
I watched the trailer, didn't like what I saw. I will watch the movie if I can but so far it seems bac
User avatar #53 to #51 - pixy (05/14/2013) [-]
This is just a picture, I had not been aware that a trailer had come out. But regardless, have you never seen an awful trailer where the movie turned out to be good? Or vice versa?
User avatar #54 to #53 - sebthebrony (05/14/2013) [-]
Not really :S
User avatar #55 to #54 - pixy (05/14/2013) [-]
Ah, ok
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