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The Pony Song (Llama Song Parody)


This is a parody of "The Llama Song" by Burton Earny

here's a pony
there's a pony
and another little pony
fuzzy pony
funny pony
pony pony spike

twilight pony
angel pony
rarity the fashion pony
pony pony spike

Ponies in the water,
ponies in the sky,
magic pony promises will stick things in your eye
ponies dancing everywhere singing of cupcakes
even twilight cannot make a cutie mark that's fake
did you ever see a pony
kiss a pony
on the pony
horror pony
tastes of pony
pony pony spike
half a pony
twice the pony
not a pony
farmer pony
pony in a car
a lonely pony
pony spike

look at all these ponies poisoning your mind
magic pony happiness will worm its way inside
ponies swinging in the breeze,
ponies falling down
ponies ponies everywhere,
pony verb the noun

Views: 4631 Submitted: 09/08/2012