The Frohman asks Princess Celestia. Also featuring L4D2's Ellis!. CI Anonymous (( Sat) 21: 51 File: 133082951 Lgpg-( Kla, 81 gxl (W), froh man, jpg) Dear Prince hltwo Ask Celestia frohman gordon fourchan MLP fim
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The Frohman asks Princess Celestia

Also featuring L4D2's Ellis!

CI Anonymous (( Sat) 21: 51
File: 133082951 Lgpg-( Kla, 81 gxl (W), froh man, jpg)
Dear Princess Celestia,
Why has the Equine seen fit to suppress our
reproductive cycle?
A concern ed citizen
Cl Anonymous ( Sun) 00: 30 962
File: 13308_ -( 91 KB, 945x945, 130552824080, jpg)
Dear Ellis,
Thank you! I find humans fascinating in your variety.
Your Friend in Eternity,
Princess Celestia
Dear Concerned,
I have not suppressed anyone' s reproductive cycle. Perhaps it is your own personality or lack of social skills that is
suppressing your personal reproductive cycle?
Your Eternal Ruler,
Princess Celestia
PS. I have read your comic and I find it quite humorous. Perhaps ifyou were better at sharing humor with those around
you, you might have a bit more luck. I notice yourselfes often end up hurting you or those around you.
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Submitted: 03/04/2012
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#2 - runzerinn (03/04/2012) [-]
Who needs social skills?
There's always a rock formation that is willing to accept you just the way you are.
#3 - anonymous (03/04/2012) [-]
I love Half life2 , awesum gaem
#1 - anonymous (03/04/2012) [-]
Nothing wrong with my social skills.

I just prefer to keep them under wraps.
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