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Tavi and Scratch - Just won't quit!


I just don't know how to let go, I guess! Everyone already knows of my love for these two as expressed by that whole Tavi and Scratch suite thingy. Exploring new ways to create synergy between my old love, Classical music, and my new love, electronic wubby wub wub stuff has been occupying much of my time lately. Here's something different. I'm happy to say I think this piece is definitely unlike the other four attempts I made at this genre-bending stuff.

This time, we get all orchestral up in here. It opens with a concerto-like flourish by the solo violin (not the cello this time) and I tried to make the transition to the electronic bit as smooth as butter. You be the judge. There's no explicit story to be told here, though I have been reading FAR too much fan fiction lately. Shame on me. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this little surprise encore. It was a lot of fun producing it! Especially that glitch-steppy bit in the middle.

Enjoy "The Encore."

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Views: 13262 Submitted: 09/25/2012