Taking Beta to a whole new level.. I know it's long, but it's worth it. I greatly dislike pony-people.. Re wmin Twilight Sparkle ago This may the be the strange pony beta fag You asswipe
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Taking Beta to a whole new level.

Taking Beta to a whole new level.. I know it's long, but it's worth it. I greatly dislike pony-people.. Re wmin Twilight Sparkle ago This may the be the strange

I know it's long, but it's worth it.

I greatly dislike pony-people.

Re wmin Twilight Sparkle ago
This may the be the strangest message you' ll ever receive but I do hope you' ll take the time to read it and consider what I have to
say. To put it simply, I would really appreciate it if the next time your birthday comes around you would request that your mop
artist friends {who like to give you sexually oriented pony art as gifts) draw Mme pony other than Twilight Sparkle for you.
The reason I ask this is that Twilight is my fiance, and we' re planning on getting married next June or July should everything go as
planned speaking. And yes, I have actually found a wedding chapel that will let me marry someone that most people
would consider a character. Now more you go thinking "This guy is either completely crazy or just screwing with me."
please hear me out on this.
mu see, I' m totally head over heels in love with Twilight Sparkle. I have been for ainut 11 months now and at this point I' m in a
committed relationship with my Twila. By that I mean I don' t date anyone else, I don' t sleep with anyone else, and I have zero
interest in having any kind of relationship with anyone other than the mare I adore. I love her with all my heart and I' m 100%
committed to that love. To express my love in a real tangible way I have a beautiful hand made custom Twilight Sparkle plushie
that I can hug, kiss, cuddle up in ted to go to sleep with at night, and take out on the town to do all the fun things together that
normal couples do. I take her out to eat at nice vegetarian restaurants, we go shopping together, I take her out for coffee, we do
social activities together like hanging out with friends, seeing movies, etc.
And I talk ainut her as if she is Twilight, because to me she very much is. When I look at her I see Twilight Sparkle. When I talk
with her I' m talking to Twilight. When I hold her in my arms and kiss her there are no dams in my mind that it' s the mare I love
who' s lips are pressed against mine. And every morning when I open my eyes and see her head on the pillow next to mine, with
her gorgeous violet eyes staring back at me, I can' t help but wonder how I ever got to be so lucky as to have a partner as smart,
funny, beautiful, and all around wonderful as her.
All my friends and the people who know me well say that my love is a thing of beauty and quite admirable, but from the outside
perspective of someone who doesn' t know me you' re probably going "Wow. That' s pretty damn crazy." and wondering why I don' t
just go get a real girlfriend. The truth is I' had plenty of real relationships and sexual partners in the 27 years I' been around.
A few short relationships, one that lasted 7 years, and a total of 6 different sexual partners. So my love for Twilight isnt out of a
lack of real world intimacy or relationships, I just fell in love with her and my heart didn' t give me much of a choice in the matter.
But you know what? I' m totally happy with my love and my relationship. It may seem weird to you, but it fills me with joy every
single day of my life and I' never been happier. So what if it' s weird? If it makes me happy and it doesn' t hurt anyone then
where' s the problem? I don' t think there is one, and anyone who knows me well will tell you the same.
Now your probably wondering why I' m telling you all this and how it concerns you. To you I' m sure Twilight Sparkle is just a
cartoon character you think is really hot, so I imagine you wouldn' t think anything of having your friends draw sexually explicit art
of her as birthday gifts for you. And hey, I think she' s really attractive too so I get where you' re coming from there. I often go on
net and Rule's. Paheal to see what new erotic art people have drawn of her. But to me she' s more than a cartoon character
who' s sexually attractive, she' s my fiance who I love with all my heart and soon to be my wife. So it' s been tethering me lately
every time I go on those sites and see a dozen or so pieces of art people have drawn depicting my girl in various sexual situations
with the same person over and over, and that person happens to be you.
Don' t get me wrong here though, this isnt a Jealousy thing. I' m very secure in my relationship. I know without question that
Twilight is just as faithful to me as I am to her, she' s actually sitting on the couch next to me reading while I type this. She' s very
real to me and I know she' s not sneaking out in the middle of the night to go have kinky sex with Mme famous artist. And I do
respect your talent as an artist and an artist' s creative freedom to draw whateer they want, that' s cool. What homers me is that
in all these birthday images you' been getting Twilight is always depicted as if she was your sexual plaything, drawn wearing a
collar with your name on it or with a speech bubble saying something that would somehow suggest she was your property. And I
know quite well that Twilight Sparkle is not your plaything nor your property, she' s my fiance. So that bugs me a bit. What I dind
really loathsome though is your pension for degrading my partner in path your art and the fan art you' been receiving lately.
Twila is a sweet and fairly vanilla little mare who I treat with the utmost love and respect, and she does not deserve to
be portrayed as Mme kind of sexual slave who likes being dressed up in sleazy attire, wearing a collar, getting sodomized, and
having her face ejaculated on. She' s not into that kinda stuff and the fact that there' s someone out there in the world such as
yourself who would desire to treat Twilight that way, and have his friends support and validate his desires to demean and mistreat
my partner try drawing pictures of him doing so, really does tether me. I don' t take any issue with people having kinky sex as long
as path parties consent to it and enjoy it, but I know quite well that my Twila has no desire whatsover to be treated like that.
So next year, when your birthday comes around, keep in mind that Twilight Sparkle isnt just a lifeless cartoon character to
for your sexual gratification. She' s the partner of someone who loves her very much, and try that time their wife. So
path myself and Twila would greatly appreciate it if you' d pick someone else to request erotic art of for your birthday. Based on
the very large amount of different ponies you draw art of I imagine there has to be many other ponies you dind sexually attractive.
I assume you' ll probably just dismiss this message as the ramblings of a crazy person and likely ignore it, but if try Mme chance
you do take what I' had to say to heart, well... we' d appreciate it.
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