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User avatar #6 - captalexander (04/18/2012) [-]
Great now im remembered that im still single .-.
User avatar #11 to #6 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
go around and ask every girl out. Law of averages dictates that eventually one will say yes :D
#66 to #11 - SemiAnon (04/18/2012) [-]
This thread was hilarious. Thanks for that, Sethorein.
User avatar #69 to #66 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
Let's face it, brony,neutral, or hater... we all need girlfriends xD
User avatar #71 to #69 - SemiAnon (04/18/2012) [-]
The "it helps if she hurts herself" line was what really sold the whole thing. I don't know why I found the image of a guy trying to hit on a girl in the hospital to be so funny, but I did.
User avatar #74 to #71 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
hey, I'm honest xD it really speeds up the process, also it can mean the difference between getting the girl or getting gay-zoned o.O
User avatar #25 to #11 - captalexander (04/18/2012) [-]
I'm a shy person. Plus I do have standards.
User avatar #28 to #25 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
well standards mess up the law of averages... Then you need a technique xD

Mine is the, find a girl that meets your standards while being slightly insecure. Turn yourself into a literal compliment machine. Hopefully they turn to putty in your hands and you get to help a girl with her image issues to boot :D Win Win

Has worked pretty well for me so far... Then again, it has also made a good deal of the prospectives think I'm gay... hey can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, right? :D
#51 to #28 - gtxace **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #56 to #51 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
secure girls are hard to keep o.O
#59 to #56 - gtxace **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #64 to #59 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
welcome to the jewish girls of thornhill club X_X population: blackberries and daddy's car.... guuuh
User avatar #68 to #64 - SemiAnon (04/18/2012) [-]
I'd like to know more about this 'thornhill club'. It sounds like my kind of place.
User avatar #73 to #68 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
guh, no way. I can't wait to go to Hamilton for University. Every girl is short, fat, ugly, and snobbish... that's a slight exaggeration... most girls are like that... there are a few good looking/cute ones... but they're usually psycho. One girl I tried to go out with went ******* nuts when I asked if she had a backup in case singing didn't work out for her... she proceeded to try to spread a rumour that I tried to feel her up the first time. Only problem is that everyone knows what a hapless dork I am so the rumour didn't gain much momentum... but still... similar results panned out with most of the girls... they're all just... messed up... or so beyond out of my league of course... but I don't care about those girls xD

Hopefully in Hamilton I'll meet normal girls. I mean, all my girlfriends are from camp so... I figure Hamilton is just like camp :D
#78 to #73 - SemiAnon (04/18/2012) [-]
I like this place more and more.    
But yeah, sane girls, if you're into that.... Hamilton should work out well for you.
I like this place more and more.

But yeah, sane girls, if you're into that.... Hamilton should work out well for you.
User avatar #80 to #78 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
You a Hamiltonian? xD
User avatar #82 to #80 - SemiAnon (04/18/2012) [-]
I have no idea where that is, but the crazy tends to thin out at University.
If you're actually hoping for that. Like a sane person.
User avatar #86 to #82 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
Well I'm plenty nuts myself... but my crazy is less... evil... and more entertaining xD
User avatar #89 to #86 - SemiAnon (04/18/2012) [-]
If she isn't threatening to slit your throat in your sleep, you're doing it wrong. Or right, if you like sleeping. I'm not here to tell you what to put your penis in.
User avatar #92 to #89 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
What I'd give for a good 'ol fashioned slit your throat in your sleep girlfriend... Meanwhile I keep finding whine like a bitch 'til your ears bleed then try to ruin your life when you dump her girlfriends...
#96 to #92 - SemiAnon (04/18/2012) [-]
Bitches be trippin, yo.
Bitches be trippin, yo.
User avatar #100 to #96 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
mhmm. I think it's part in parcel with being an 17-18 year old and still thinking twilight men exist.... can't wait 'til my mid 20's. By then girls lose their hope :D
User avatar #32 to #28 - captalexander (04/18/2012) [-]
.... ******* GENIUS!!!
User avatar #33 to #32 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
i'm honestly surprised more people don't do it... o.o
User avatar #34 to #33 - captalexander (04/18/2012) [-]
Because people are lazy?
User avatar #42 to #34 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
won't lie, takes a couple of weeks, speeds things up if she hurts herself. My last girlfriend got concussed at camp right before we got together. xD

Pain is magic o.O
User avatar #47 to #42 - captalexander (04/18/2012) [-]
You sick twisted **** .... I'm gonna try that.
User avatar #50 to #47 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
i prefer the term "opportunist"

You establish yourself as the go to guy for support. "Worry" yourself sick over the girl when she is hurt (bonus point if you're genuinely worried :D). Then bing bang boom the lovely line "I don't know what I'd do with myself if something were to take you from me" or something like that. Boy do the cheesy cliches work like magic xD
User avatar #57 to #50 - captalexander (04/18/2012) [-]
See the thing is, I would love to use your plan. But I already love a girl, I'm looking for love, not some easy hook up.
User avatar #63 to #57 - Sethorein (04/18/2012) [-]
eh the method is still a useful relationship starter.
User avatar #65 to #63 - captalexander (04/18/2012) [-]
Good point.
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