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#5 - slyve
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(02/26/2012) [-]
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At first, i cried.

But then i thought about the whole thing... and i got ******* angry. More than angry. I raged like all hell broke loose inside of me. I want to beat the living **** out of those ignorant ***** that caused this whole mess.

The only thing here that is offensive is the fact that they PERCEIVE her to be mentally disabled (which she is not, but they are too dumb to realize that) and that makes them wanna hide her, just put her down like that will make everything go away. What does this tell us about their view of the people that actually are mentally handicapped? Do they wanna kill them too, so they don't have to see them? Don't have to interact with them?

Even IF, and i stress the IF, she was mentally disabled, that would just be one more reason why she should stay the way she is! Because she INCLUDES them in something, everyone has a cartoon character to which he or she can relate. Mentally disabled people have (most of the time) not. The result? They feel excluded, which i apparently what society nowadays does to "help" them. Or rather, help themselves so they don't have to be reminded of their existence.

I cannot express how angry this makes me. Those ******* IGNORANT PRICKS... God dammit...

Rant over. I will go destroy something now, to prevent my head from bursting into flames.
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User avatar #9 to #7 - slyve
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What makes me really mad is the attitude of those people that made hasbro change derpy in the first place. I'm pretty sure hasbro wouldn't have changed derpy if no one said anything. Although i hate the fact that Derpy was changed, i don't blame hasbro, they just had to avoid the ********* that could have been created (apparently there were only a few people actually "offended" by derpy (a few hundred or so) but imagine what could have happen if they just ignored it. If those guys would go public with **** like "Hasbro makes fun of the mentally handicapped. They would have gotten alot of support from other dumb ******** and hasbro would have a major problem.)

So i don't blame hasbro, i blame the ignorant ***** that are behind this whole thing and their ******* retarded point of view. THEY are the problem.