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Ok, so as you may know, they changed the iTunes "The Last Roundup" and changed the whole Derpy moment. I love Derpy and if you think "she insults the disabled" umm no. Actually she puts the disabled in a good light. sign the petitions, tweet #savederpy she puts smiles on all the faces, she may be a one trick pony but so are we. This is not my video! I found it. But please... Help save Derpy... (6_9) < "Please, help."

Views: 1876 Submitted: 02/29/2012
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#5 - nightroller ONLINE
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God please stop posting stuff about derpy ITS ONLY FOR ITUNES!
#3 - dashieandpinkie
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Oh my god

what if they changed Pinkie Pie's Voice?
OR Rarity's?
Or Twilights?
Or Apple Jack's?
Or Fluttershy's voice?
Or Rainbow's Voice?

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#2 - thewolfrunner
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Unfortunately, Derpy isn't offensive only to those who are familiar with her origin. For those who have never heard of her, calling someone Derpy could easily be taken the wrong way, especially if the character thus acts clumsy and has an abnormal voice. So, while we are fully aware of the situation, others are not, and thus we will react differently than non-bronies.


helps explain some things.