Princess Luna. all pics use were found at if you have request for a comp let me know.. yes...this pleases Luna MLP comp Princess Luna
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yes...this pleases Luna
yes...this pleases Luna
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so much luna !!
so much luna !!
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Okay, someone explain to me why the hell the princess of the night would have dark skin? I can understand Celestia being super-tan since, well, her job pretty much requires being in the sun all the time, but Luna probably sleeps all day and only needs to come out at night.
This is almost as bad as the black Twilight thing. if one of the major characters is black, it just makes the ponies racist towards Zecora rather than just literally xenophobic.
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Skin tone is determined more by the level of melanin in a person's skin than by their exposure to sunlight. The humanized version of Luna often has dark skin, like a negro, because the alicorn Luna has dark-colored fur. The humanized version of Celestia often has light skin, like a caucasian, because the alicorn Celestia has light-colored fur.

If a negro were to become nocturnal and avoid exposure to the sun, they would not become a caucasian, they would retain their dark skin tone. Likewise, being exposed to the sun would not cause Celestia to become a negro.

Because melanin.
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I understand that much, but I don't buy the 'coat color = skin color' argument. By that logic, Zecora should just have slightly darker than Caucasian skin with dark blotches. Rarity and Celestia would border on Albinism.
I've got nothing against the humanized ponies have darker skin (no white pony master race here), I just don't understand the logic behind why the ponies that get frequently portrayed as darkskinned are chosen.
I'll be honest. I was hoping someone would say something along the lines of "She's wearin' Earth Mama's natural night camo".
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Princess Luna Art thread anyone? (I feel as i need to expand my folders, 7 pictures arent enough)
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Think i can add to your collection.
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This will have to do for now.
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Wow, thanks :) I think ill have to make another folder dedicated to Princess Luna art :D

Have my other children of the night picture (the first i posted was also children of the night) that is if you dont already have it....
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A bit more peaceful Luna picture :)
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holy **** , thats diana :D, ive been here to long if i could recognize her
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Damm Luna is adorable but still Twilight is my favorite
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Twi is my #1, Luna my #2, if only because Luna doesn't have that much definition, Twilight actually has an arc at this point, Luna not so much
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am i the only one who thinks
that when its the animal people versions
they look like pigs?
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i saw a luna cameltoe.

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I want all of them.
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okay. I'm at work right, but i'll put'em on your profile later today.
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I love you
I love you
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lol thanks. always ready to help a fellow brony/pegasister. /) brohoof
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(\ Back at you, friend. Have this gif
(\ Back at you, friend. Have this gif
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XD fukken saved!
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OH GOD the beauty of the top right corner one. And i also love the bottom right and the one with Luna and her phoenix or something like that.
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can i has the 4th one on the left
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Anyone get the reference?
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wait, theres a night phenix must get
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I think I counted 8 JJ posts there.
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