Ponies, the gathering. Credit: Jiayi on Deviantart.. On the subject of magic duel. ponies magic twilight sparkle Trixie not yugioh its time to dddduel


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#55 - marquisofmanatee (12/05/2012) [-]
the fun has been doubled!
the fun has been doubled!
User avatar #60 to #55 - rtsgamer (12/05/2012) [-]
Jace the Mindsculpter, the most ******** planeswalker ever
User avatar #67 to #60 - largilloquent (12/05/2012) [-]
thats not how you spell karn liberated :P
#75 to #67 - anon (12/05/2012) [-]
Karn is expensive as **** though.
User avatar #76 to #75 - largilloquent (12/05/2012) [-]
i dont see any relevance to your comment anon.
User avatar #88 to #76 - defualtpwns (12/05/2012) [-]
JTSM is played, karn is not. therefore karn can go exile hmiself
User avatar #117 to #88 - jacema (12/05/2012) [-]
karn is played in modern tron decks and sees play as a one of in fringe legacy decks:P
User avatar #123 to #117 - defualtpwns (12/05/2012) [-]
key word being fringe, and tron is meh
User avatar #135 to #123 - jacema (12/05/2012) [-]
point is he still sees play and still wins tournaments :P
User avatar #94 to #76 - rtsgamer (12/05/2012) [-]
you see nothing ******** about milling the top 20 cards of your library?
#89 - Iloldmypants (12/05/2012) [-]
On the subject of magic duel.
On the subject of magic duel.
#99 to #91 - zekeon ONLINE (12/05/2012) [-]
#82 - emrakul (12/05/2012) [-]
I'm okay with this.
User avatar #122 to #100 - conri (12/05/2012) [-]
Progenitus, my good sir
User avatar #83 to #50 - emrakul (12/05/2012) [-]
that's...pretty powerful. Also, why red?
User avatar #105 to #83 - cakelol (12/05/2012) [-]
Red? It's white and blue.
User avatar #114 to #105 - emrakul (12/05/2012) [-]
I meant on the frame
User avatar #118 to #114 - cakelol (12/05/2012) [-]
Yeah, that's kinda weird. Looks like something from Izzet.
#115 to #114 - dqtest (12/05/2012) [-]
dunno i grabbed this from /b/ a while back i assume because there no light purplish pink to match her colors
#1 - killerjhtwo ONLINE (12/04/2012) [-]
#106 to #1 - anon (12/05/2012) [-]
that's yugioh, not mtg faggot. l2tcg
User avatar #54 - dearleader (12/05/2012) [-]
#18 - dribble (12/05/2012) [-]
I'm not sure what type of card game their playing... but why do they need a dice?

My thought was YuGiOh until I read some of the comments
#73 to #18 - anon (12/05/2012) [-]
lifepoints start at 20 and can be recorded with D20. others are used for counters, whic have various uses. there are also a few cards that require rolling dice
User avatar #19 to #18 - calim ONLINE (12/05/2012) [-]
They are playing magic the gathering, dice are used to keep track of health
#57 to #19 - nittsurri (12/05/2012) [-]
#63 to #57 - djponee (12/05/2012) [-]
I run a rat swarm deck, and I use dice to count how many rats I have. THugh, it gets to the point that each dice point = 10 rats, die on 6 = 60 rats.
User avatar #101 to #63 - malhaloc (12/05/2012) [-]
I run goblin token burn. If I attack with creatures with 2 or less power, you take up to 4 damage for each, if a goblin I control dies, you take 4 damage for each, and I can generate up to 4 tokens a turn and all my goblins have to attack every turn if able. Not to mention goblin grenades, Mudbutton Torchrunners, Skirk Firemarshals, that legendary creature that taps to double your goblins. So much ******** . Only problem is, its not tournament legal.
User avatar #68 to #63 - largilloquent (12/05/2012) [-]
i run a golem token deck, at one point in time i used my various artifacts to accumulate 1.6 million mana, split into 2 mana per atrifact spell with no tap cost, on my 4 golem foundrys which spawn a 3/3 golem per 3 counters, with my enchantment "parallel lives" also all my golems via various splicers have a bonus 4/4 trample flying vigilance first strike.
#69 to #68 - djponee (12/05/2012) [-]
Fuuuuuuuck that **** . Parallel Lives, too. My deck won't get it out, but my friend's spider deck...

1.6 million..?!
User avatar #160 to #69 - largilloquent (12/06/2012) [-]
just got the card gleemax, you should look it up bwahaha, i am unbeatable now
User avatar #71 to #69 - largilloquent (12/05/2012) [-]
clocktower taps 2 artifacts to untap 1, doubleing cube costs 3 mana to double my current mana, with 4 golem foundries and parallel lives, every 3 times i do that spawns 8 golems, and i only need 2 tap 6 of said 8 to repeat that effect, 1.6 million was just when i got bored of keeping track haha
#72 to #71 - djponee (12/05/2012) [-]
I hear ya! Because at that point the game is over. That's what is so fun about decks like those.

User avatar #74 to #72 - largilloquent (12/05/2012) [-]
i typically (for ***** and giggles) use brightflame on my own golems, (pay 2 plains 2 mountains and x. deal x damage and gain that much life) and just laugh and laugh as my dawn charm resurrects them all and i become unkillable with 20k+ life :P can you believe my friends spirit deck can still beat me D:
User avatar #90 to #74 - sketchE ONLINE (12/05/2012) [-]
i have no idea what the **** you guys are talking about but it sounds cool
User avatar #159 to #57 - largilloquent (12/06/2012) [-]
theres a really convenient phone app for keeping track of life/poison counters
User avatar #21 to #19 - dribble (12/05/2012) [-]
Ahh thanks :) I've never heard of that game. Might have to Google search I guess :D
#3 - captnpl ONLINE (12/05/2012) [-]
#96 - Santamoo (12/05/2012) [-]
Twilight too stronk.
User avatar #111 to #96 - Bohya (12/05/2012) [-]
That card is pretty overpowered, especially for just a 6 mana cost.
#113 to #111 - Santamoo (12/05/2012) [-]
If that's pretty overpowered, then what is this considered?
User avatar #128 to #113 - swampert (12/05/2012) [-]
Not actually that great. Sort of powerful but as far as planeswalkers go this is actually pretty meh
User avatar #181 to #113 - emrakul (08/01/2013) [-]
Tweak suggestions: Changeling is not a creature type, it's a keyword; just refer to them as Minions with changeling and it should work just fine.

The tokens could easily be 1/1s (see: Sorin, Lord of Innistrad)

-2 is a bit weak, make it a 0 or maybe a -2 "put X +1/+1 counters on each Minion you control, where X is the number of minions you control"

Seems pretty solid in a Changeling deck, could be fun. Ult has the possibility for hilarity; for best results choose Kokusho
User avatar #177 to #96 - messerschmidto ONLINE (12/11/2012) [-]
Nah, she would be blue.
#87 - amandatoddd **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #5 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
Why aren't they both playing blue...
User avatar #33 to #5 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
I try to build generals that none of my friends have, and not to make the deck too douchey. Scion is a deck that says, if you poke me with a stick, I will mercilessly rape your face with multiple buildings.
User avatar #34 to #33 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
You sound like James AKA Professor guy from my gaming group, he is part of a security organization and could probably make a deck able to wipe everyone off the table in a few turns but he likes to make things interesting.
User avatar #36 to #34 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
I wish I was that interesting. I tend to be a little plain. I use Scion in massive free for all games, just because I like to see it get interesting while still remaining civil. I use oblation for spot removal, and the firemind just for some spot removal and pinging to draw cards. I go with a peaceful approach until someone rally pisses me off, then its death by dragonstorm.
User avatar #37 to #36 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
I should also build a commander deck, I just need to get a green/white or green/black legendary.
User avatar #38 to #37 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
I never liked green/white... ******* lifechurchers...pious ************* they are. Long live the Golgari!
User avatar #85 to #38 - emrakul (12/05/2012) [-]
I play it because Chalice of Life, cant wait for Boros tho
User avatar #108 to #85 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
I expect a lot out of Boros Gideon. I had a boros deck for a time, and it was pretty cool, really slow on land ramp though.
User avatar #39 to #38 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
Actually, I don't build decks around the philosophy but my Selesnya has no life gain at all just get small **** out and a lot of it then BOOM collective blessing.
User avatar #40 to #39 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
I just never liked the whole thing with them, the mechanics are too broken now. Convoke and populate, oh **** ****** what are you doing?! And I read the Ravnica cycle books, still don't like Selesnya.
User avatar #41 to #40 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
I don't play with Convoke, just a bit of populate.
User avatar #42 to #41 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
Not bad. Least its not like how everyone is building Child of Alara just to be a bitch and board wipe every other turn. Theres this one guy who comes to the shop, he's not a bad kid, just an annoying little prick most of the time with that superiority complex he has.
User avatar #43 to #42 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
To be frank I build decks that are very niche or are just plain crap and I am fine with that it makes winning more rewarding.
User avatar #44 to #43 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
Yeah, thats what I do. I'm not in it to win, I'm in it to pull of silly shenanigans. Winning is just a bonus, but I really just play to have a good time and hang out with good friends. I haven't built a new deck in months, and when I want to, I never do because I'm a fat, lazy **** .
User avatar #45 to #44 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
I build decks when I have the land and the initiative...
User avatar #47 to #45 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
I have the lands, and usually the initiative, but more often than not I'll just say **** it when I realize the cards I need outweigh the cards I have.
User avatar #49 to #47 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
I just make decks with what I have.
User avatar #52 to #49 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
Thats what I try to do. Scion was actually a challenge, and due to my pride, I could not decline. I'm glad I actually built it, because its actually really fun. And despite how expensive the deck actually is, I feel proud I've never proxied a single card. Thats one thing that seriously pisses me off, not more than asshole players who just come into a game uninvited and just combo out like they're the only ones that matter, but its a close second. I hate people who just proxy the most expensive cards for their deck. If it was done as a joke I'd be a bit more understanding, but this is just ridiculous.
User avatar #102 to #52 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
The only guy who proxies in my group and does it consistently is James, but that is because he doesn't want to search all his decks to switch out cards.
User avatar #109 to #102 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
Its a fair enough reason. I personally don't do it, just because I like to have the physical cards. It feels natural to me.
User avatar #143 to #109 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
Yeah, if you want to test cards do it on something like Cocatrice or other program.
User avatar #144 to #143 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
Yeah, never used Cocatrice though. Really, I'm more into the storyline than the various formats.
User avatar #145 to #144 - lolwatthe (12/06/2012) [-]
Cocatrice is just an online database of cards with a duel sim on the side.
User avatar #51 to #37 - davdov (12/05/2012) [-]
Rhys the Redeemed may do for green/white or his other version Rhys the exiled for green/black
User avatar #104 to #51 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
Even though my friend doesn't need it I will suggest it to him for his elf deck.
User avatar #146 to #5 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
I know, a lot of people use it where I play. I'm not usually online enough to do it. But right now, I'm reading the fist planeswalker novel, Agents of Artifice.
User avatar #147 to #146 - lolwatthe (12/06/2012) [-]
Cool, My first experience of Magic the Gathering was probably from the/a Colours of Magic book.
User avatar #149 to #147 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
I found some old cards I think belonged to my brothers years ago, like from Ice Age and all that. One of my favorite cards from that set is Jokulhaups. Just because the name is so odd.
User avatar #173 to #149 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
You cheeky dickwaffle. I was watching my friend play her Drana deck against a Krenko, and Tariel, and an Arcanis deck. Drana killed Krenko, and was the devoured by Slivers...but the next part was funnier, my friend showed up and I let him use Scion against my friends Drana deck. Needless to say, Drana was roasted by hyperbeam and then devoured.
User avatar #150 to #149 - lolwatthe (12/06/2012) [-]
My friend had that in his deck, it was fun.
User avatar #151 to #150 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
Its actually a good card, it says bitter ordeal wins.
User avatar #152 to #151 - lolwatthe (12/06/2012) [-]
It's good when you play something like a Curse deck.
User avatar #153 to #152 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
I had a red black deck like that for a little bit, it was rather silly. It ran a couple bitterheart witches to fetch out the curses faster.
User avatar #154 to #153 - lolwatthe (12/06/2012) [-]
Faced one in standard, it was devastating.
User avatar #155 to #154 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
I had an idea for a standard deck using Primordial Hydra and Jarad. I never built it, since I don't play standard, but I thought it was silly.
User avatar #156 to #155 - lolwatthe (12/06/2012) [-]
My friend plays Primordial in his elf deck, it is a bitch.
User avatar #157 to #156 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
See? Primordial Hydra is so underestimated. Especially in standard.
User avatar #158 to #157 - lolwatthe (12/06/2012) [-]
He uses Moments Peace, he is sure as hell not playing standard.
User avatar #161 to #158 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
I never play standard. I wanted to build a Golgari edh deck with the new scavenge mechanic with Skullbriar, because **** the police. But I don't want to scavenge cards from Jarad, like Sol Ring or Gilded Lotus, mostly mana rocks.
#174 to #161 - anon (12/06/2012) [-]
deaths presence + Corpsejack menace + Asceticism = funzies
User avatar #162 to #161 - lolwatthe (12/06/2012) [-]
Might be a good idea, test it on Cockatrice before you actually spend cash to build it.
User avatar #163 to #162 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
I don't think I actually need to spend anything on it, I think I have pretty much everything I need. I just really don't want to rip apart Jarad just yet.
User avatar #164 to #163 - lolwatthe (12/06/2012) [-]
Fair enough.
User avatar #165 to #164 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
I kind of want to take Belbe's Portal out of Scion and put in Thran Dynamo. Because Mana Reflection loves doubling mana.
User avatar #166 to #165 - lolwatthe (12/06/2012) [-]
Belbe's Portal would be awesome in my friends Changling deck...
User avatar #167 to #166 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
This is why tribal is broken... ******* changelings.
User avatar #168 to #167 - lolwatthe (12/06/2012) [-]
it is one of his best decks I think, he also has counter removal in a persist deck...
User avatar #169 to #5 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
Curse Lorwynn for making such broken creatures.
User avatar #170 to #169 - lolwatthe (12/06/2012) [-]
He also loves Shadowmoore, when I was suggesting Rhys the Redeemed for my friends elf deck like he needs any more elves... the only thing Changling had to comment on was 'ooohhhhh shadowmoore'.
User avatar #171 to #170 - deathskream (12/06/2012) [-]
I didn't play a lot, since I didn't know people who played when I first started, but Shadowmoor was one of my favorites. And I've seen some really stupid Rhys decks...
User avatar #172 to #171 - lolwatthe (12/06/2012) [-]
I'm actually thinking of adding him to my Selesnya deck just for the doubling effect. Nothing says eat dick and die like 10 6/6 centaurs charging at you!.
User avatar #6 to #5 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
Mono white control vs mono blue control. -grabs popcorn- No one can have nice things anymore.
User avatar #8 to #6 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
I guess you're right. *pops own bag of popcorn and slides up to you*
User avatar #9 to #8 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
-pops a piece in the air and catches it- I feel like this game is missing something.... Oh I know! Mono black control!
User avatar #10 to #9 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
You know what, we should also get a blue/black and black/white control and make it a game of Pentagram.
User avatar #11 to #10 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
Oh hells yes. I love group games. I kinda wish I didn't dismantle my mono black to build a five color. Still, I love my five color deck. Its a Scion of the Ur-Dragon commander deck.
User avatar #12 to #11 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
I probably should make a pentacolour deck seeing as I probably have a few thousand cards.
User avatar #13 to #12 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
Aye, join the club. I know I have at least six or seven thousand. I got one of those five thousand count boxes, and two one thousand count boxes full up. Plus about another seven hundred in one box, and almost eight hundred rares. But I'll tell ya, making a five color is a bit pricey, especially Scion. I'm still missing two shock lands, a Kokusho, and a Dromar, and a few various others.
User avatar #14 to #13 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
I should probably get one of those boxes so I can keep track, my closest estimation has 3-4 fatpacks filled with a booster box nearly brimming.
User avatar #16 to #14 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
Oh **** ...I totally forgot the booster boxes I have...Welp, tack an extra thousand or two on to that last total. So makes about 8,000 cards. That amount hasn't gone up recently, thankfully. But wait until Gatecrash, that will change soon enough. Anywho, what are your feelings towards the new walker they spoiled? Domri Rade?
User avatar #17 to #16 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
Because of him I am making a Naya coloured deck.
User avatar #20 to #17 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
My friend and I have a deal, because he needs one for his five color Child of Alara/Nephilim edh. I get one of the two shocks I need, a Captain Sisay for Scion, and an Elesh Norn to replace the one I traded him, out of my collection, along with the Child for $20 to get my mom something for xmas. In return, out of the boxes we get for Gatecrash, I owe him a Domri. Its fair enough. Also I am expecting a lot out of Boros Gideon. Its actually got an interesting story as to why he joined the Boros Legion.
User avatar #23 to #20 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
If I get Gideon and Domri I would probably **** myself.
User avatar #24 to #23 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
I pulled a Jace in one of my boxes for RtR. The second time I ever pulled a planeswalker on my own. Garruk, Primal Hunter was the first one, out of M13.
User avatar #25 to #24 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
First four packs I got a Nissa, from RTR I think I got Vraska twice and pulled a foil Bolas from M13, lets just say I have good luck with packs.
User avatar #27 to #25 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
My friends have my open their packs usually, I pulled my friend a Liliana of the Veil out of Inninstrad, and a Steam Vents and foil Epic Experiment out of an RtR pack. I have awesome luck with pulling my friend's packs, but **** when I pull my own. ******* quantum physics up in this bitch.
User avatar #28 to #27 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
My friend can't even but packs for me to open with his luck.
User avatar #29 to #28 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
I haven't bought a single card in about two months, I think I'm getting better with not dumping all available money I have into magic. I just open cool **** for other people and trade for what I want. Which reminds me, I need to trade for another Solemn Simulacrum.
User avatar #30 to #29 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
I don't think I have ever bought a card in my three years playing magic that did not come from store credit.
User avatar #31 to #30 - deathskream (12/05/2012) [-]
I wish I had store credit to do that, but where I play, they don't allow buying cards solely on store credit, at least cards out of the case.
User avatar #32 to #31 - lolwatthe (12/05/2012) [-]
I never tried, I like to base my decks off the cards I pull, seems to be a tad bit more lore friendly that way.
#126 - Animefreake ONLINE (12/05/2012) [-]
#65 - datrage (12/05/2012) [-]
the reason i find this so funny is that i play magic and when i want my friends to play i do that same ******* thing.
User avatar #4 - pyrocrisis (12/05/2012) [-]
How are you holding those cards?
#64 to #4 - itsmypenis **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #132 to #64 - pyrocrisis (12/05/2012) [-]
Since 18 hours ago i found this that explains it
#112 - tdogmeds ONLINE (12/05/2012) [-]
****		 yeah, ponies outside of pony thread!
**** yeah, ponies outside of pony thread!
#80 - thechosentroll (12/05/2012) [-]
This image has expired
Needs more motorcycles.
#66 - lemoron ONLINE (12/05/2012) [-]
das good, I still have my cards.... although... I haven't played in quite some time now...
User avatar #77 to #66 - supamonkey (12/05/2012) [-]
Can you beat 6 years?
User avatar #78 to #77 - nevergetsdubs (12/05/2012) [-]
ditto, i havent played since Kamigawas
User avatar #95 to #78 - krobeles (12/05/2012) [-]
Kamigawa sucked man. I understand why you lost interest. The new expansions are much better :D
#127 - evilwheatleycore (12/05/2012) [-]
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