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PON-3 Gaming


The PON-3 Gaming Minecraft Server

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The PON-3 Gaming Minecraft Server is a Survival Server with custom plugins for the classes (we are an offline-mode server). You need NO Client-mods to connect and never will. Any client mods are completely optional. Each class has it's own benefits and drawbacks, and each is pretty much equally powerful (depending on the situation). Our map tries to simulate Equestria and grows and gains new things all the time. The classes are Alicorn, Pegasus, Unicorn, Earth, Zebra, Changeling, and Griffon. Alicorn is NOT available to new users, and very rarely does anyone gain alicorn. VIP can be gained by donating or participating in an event which we have every few weeks. The class abilities are as follows:

Pegasus: Flight, vote weather control, lightning (At a cost.).
Unicorn: Various magic spells. (No commands only usable with a stick.)
Earth: Sprint speed 3x as fast as normal, takes only 66 - 75% damage, gains health and food by farming/ sometimes picks up extra stuff while farming/ higher chance of apple drops from trees.
Zebra: Jump 4x as high by left clicking with potion in hand/conjure splash potions using command: /zebrac , chance of special attack with every attack.
Changeling: Flight, /dis (Disguises), drain love spell (Right click with coal.)
Griffon (VIP CLASS Not stronger than other classes, just an extra option if you're VIP.): Flight, sharp claws (1.25 - 1.33 * attack), takes only 66 - 75% damage.

Well the IP/Website are above. Have fun!

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