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Once Upon a Time in Canterlot


Greetings Youtube!

Alright, I'm not gonna be calling these My Little Pony: Choreography is Magic. The title feels too long and it's not very memorable even though this was supposed to be part 2 of the series.

So yeah, more fight choreography.

Edit: Since there's a few common questions I notice being asked in the comments. I've decided to put some of the answers here.

-Animated in Flash CS5.
-Animated over the course of approximately 3 months.
-Planning a sequel of sorts. That being said, plans have that annoying tendency to change.
-My favourite colour is blue.
-Twist is CLEARLY best pone.
-I used to play a male blood elf hunter in World of Warcraft named Selesdenus. I passed the time by taking my shirt off during battlegrounds and raids while spamming /train.


Song is Swing Tavi! Swing! by JoaftheLoaf: www.youtube.com/watch?v=559hgfsA60Q

Joaf's Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/Joaftheloaf


Special thanks to a Series of Informal Animators.

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