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Metal Gear Dash


200k views! ...Maybe I should do more? Why you people like this, I will never understand.
40,000 views! Seriously?! My word man, I always see people who made wonderful things and then act surprised when it gets popular, or noticed! I now know what that feels like! The only difference is that the thing I've made isn't all that good even! I think I just got really, really lucky. That said.... I got nothing.
I... I don't even know what to say! 15,000 views!
Really, I had no idea this would become as popular as it has. Crazy, I tell ya. Crazy.
Wow! I didn't even ask! Thanks EqD!
Boy, was this a pain! I intended more, but certain ideas would be too damn hard to implement given what I worked with. That said, I loved working on this and love what came of it. Forgive my sloppy animation.

Views: 2708 Submitted: 06/19/2012