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I don't want a mass amount of people telling me "Oh I love baseball it's great" either. The thing about bronies, is that when there's one speaking up, there are a million others. I could stand (when all this started) just a few people bringing it up every so often. But it all got out of hand as the fanbase increased. It's now a cult, where when anyone says something, immediately someone else backs it up, and on and on and on. It gets ******* annoying, where everywhere I go I see it, or hear it. I would feel the same way if baseball all of a sudden got so popular, there were about 20 people a day telling me "Oh it's great for so many reasons. It's a good workout, it's got a big fan base, it's tons of fun..." etc. I imagine I'm not the only one who doesn't want to hear about something 30 times a day.

I'm posting as anon, because I'd rather not drown in a sea of red thumbs from immature people thinking I'm hating on the show.

Inb4 sign in and say that like a man
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