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My Little Pony is stupid as hell. I understand that you like it, BUT IT'S NO DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER KID'S SHOW! I have a 4 year old brother who always watches those kinds of shows, and they are all exactly like My Little Pony. The only difference being that My Little Pony is girly. Why My Little Pony? Why not, for example, Wow Wow Wubzy? That show ALSO has good animation, good humor and valuable lessons, which is from what I understand, the only reason why people like My Little Pony. If you're trying to relive your childhood, go watch another cartoon, there are plenty out there! You've also taken over this site with your idiotic fandom, and have pretty much ruined the site. I think that the only reason you like it is because you're too socially awkward to find real friends, so you watch this show for something to discuss with your "friends". It's just a fad that you're trying to fit into to feel accepted by others, and will probably die out within a couple of months. Before you accuse me of never watching the show, I have. It's just a bunch of colorful ponies prancing around doing **** with absolutely no plot whatsoever. I seriously hope this show gets canceled so I can watch the agony you go through. Again, it's just a generic kid's TV show that could be replaced with any other, but you chose this one to try to be different and to stand out.

Inb4 red thumbs, that's just showing me that you don't believe in love and tolerance. Plus that will signify to me that you mad.
#159 to #139 - anon (03/01/2012) [-]
How about you go mind your own ******* business? We dont pick on the stuff you like to do, so why dont you shut the **** up and stop picking on the stuff bronies like to do. inb4 yer fluding ma site wit ponis. Grow a pair will ya? Just skip those post. Jesus ******* Christ man, it's not that hard.
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I'm a college student with a healthy social life and am very active in my community as an RA. I am no reliving my childhood, I am not trying to be hipster, I tried watching it once and got hooked. I do not agree with people over-posting, but I sense a lot of butthurt going on here.
User avatar #144 to #142 - grundo (03/01/2012) [-]
Yes, but WHY did you get hooked?
#145 to #144 - forgonius (03/01/2012) [-]
I thought it was funny and reminded me of my time I spent with my brothers as a kid, not reliving, reminiscing. I also like the animation and can relate to most of the characters... Why did I get hooked on music and choose it as my major? Why did I get hooked to the internet? Why do I love a girl that will never love me back? Why do I smoke pot? I just did, and still do.
There is no reason to hate, I take the message from the show and apply it to my life. I have become less cynical about people in general and give everyone a chance... I don't like rule 34 either.
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Don't you think you should grow the **** up?
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We all need to grow up a little.. I assure you that I am a more well adjusted person than you and if you went through the ******** that my brothers and my single mom went through you would be as grown up as me. I am a sophomore in college and people come to me for help because I am mature enough to handle it. Why don't you stop hating on other people and take a little bit of your own advise?
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I bet I've gone through more **** than you, but I don't watch MLP. Wait, so you're basically justifying watching MLP with your past problems?
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No, I'm saying that I'm mature and well adjusted, and my past is the reason for that. I don't have to justify anything. I watch it because I like it, just like Breaking Bad or Pulp Fiction. I'm not comparing those two great things to MLP but I watch all three without fear of persecution. My best friend is a /b/ro that doesn't like MLP but respects me for defending my love for the show. I have a class in 45min because I have better things to do than bitch about how other people don't agree with my beliefs. I wouldn't judge you for watching Jersey Shore, **** , my other best friend watches it with his girlfriend, but he knows my opinion of the show. I respect your opinion, but sometimes it doesn't need to be known. like I said earlier; Butthurt.
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