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#161 to #144 - bigvic
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I like it because they have the same personalities as most of the PPG
Fluttershy/Pinkie pie (Bubbles), Applejack/Rainbow Dash (Buttercup), Twilight (Blossom), Rarity (Princess Morebucks (snobby but not a COMPLETE bitch))
Even the mayors are completely useless
#152 to #144 - robocopftw ONLINE
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(04/15/2012) [-]
i guess it's just because some of us just can't find a good cartoon anymore. The creator of MLP is the same creator of the Powerpuff girls and Foster's home for Imaginary friends. some of the other shows of today (mostly in Cartoon network which has turned to crap) are just not entertaining. but that's just our opinion. i respect that you don't like the show and i appreciate you do the same for bronies. Have a nice day on the internet
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