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Disney created MLP


((Nazistick here, I dont own any of this, Just thought i would share it.))
Beethoven's 6th symphony, dubbed 'the Pastoral Symphony' segment from Disneys Fantasia.

In the opening act, we witness a new day dawning over the plains of Mount Olympus and the various creatures that dwell therein get started about their day.

We see a herd of unicorns frolicing about the meadow and encountering a group of energetic fawns who romp about playing on their pipes.

We then follow along with a magnificent black pegasid, his contrasting white mate and their entire brood of flying foals as they soar through the clouds, swooping gracefully about through the sky eventually coming to rest in a great lake as the rest of their herd (or would it be a flock?) comes to join them.

Tags: MLP
Views: 3050 Submitted: 04/19/2012