Conversation With A Hater. Hey all, just had a rather interesting conversation with a pony hater. We left on good terms. TL;DR He hated the whole community and  Everypony is best pony
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Conversation With A Hater

Conversation With A Hater. Hey all, just had a rather interesting conversation with a pony hater. We left on good terms. TL;DR He hated the whole community and

Hey all, just had a rather interesting conversation with a pony hater. We left on good terms.

TL;DR He hated the whole community and now doesn't hate all of us. yay

Ital omegle Talk to strangers,
You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omegler
Question to discuss:
whos your favorite pony and why'?
Stranger: Fucking ponies.
You: Fluttershy, I' m like her
You: Fuck you stranger
Stranger: Fuck you too!
You: Don' t like ponies then GTFD
Stranger: I' m going to celebrate when this shit fandom
You: But in all seriousness. Why do you hate them?
Stranger: Because I like feeling superior.
You: Any particular reason?
Stranger: And Iwant you to stop liking things ddon' t
You: Right, it doesn' t make you ...
Stranger: Subjectively it does!
Stranger: And that' s enough for me.
You: So you have a huge ego that needs filling?
Stranger: Pretty much.
Stranger: And it' s not like any good moan gets made
You: Why not go achieve something and be proud
instead of hating on a fandom who generally‘ won' t
affect you'?
Stranger: I false sense of superiority.
Stranger: It requires no effort whatsoever.
You: cm my, there is a large amount of amazing fan art
out there, admittedly there is also a large amount of
horrible art that people tend to think is fantastic.
Stranger: Yeah, but who wants to wade through shit to
find some diamond?
You: We aren' t so much different you and I we just
have different beliefs. I guess you could say it' s like a
Stranger: But I don' t like religion either.
Stranger: And cronies are pretty annoying too.
You: Neither do I but it' s kind of like religion, there are
those who follow and keep to themselves and then
there are the crazy fuckers who do around shoving
their beliefs down your throat.
You: Am I annoying you now?
Stranger: They get super attached to some kids show
that has content for adults too, like every kids show
ever, and they cling to it like madmen.
You: If I am you are welcome to leave.
Stranger: No, but you' re surprisingly level headed.
Stranger: And just disregarding everyone that likes a
show is super easy.
You: Because I believe in keeping to myself, sure if
someone asks me if I watch the show I' ll tell them but I
don' t go around forcing it upon everyone I stumble
upon like other members of the fandom which as
admittedly given us a bad look.
You: Most bronies are as you stated ‘level headed' like
Stranger: Yeah, I guess annoying people are a vocal
Stranger: But I really like hating things, it' s a nice
You: Yeah, most bronies tend to keep to themselves. I
do understand where you are coming from though;
even I get sick of people shoving ponies in my face. It
may take longer for me to get frustrated with it but it' s
still annoying.
Stranger: Damn it, no I can' tjust hate every brony
because not all of them are insufferable cunts.
Stranger: Pardon my French.
You: Haha, perfectly fine with me. I too can gets bit
peeved with the amount of shit that comes with this
fandom but in the end it' s only for fun and if there is
someone annoying me then I' ll ignore them. I am glad
that I helped you to see that not all of us are
who go apeshit when their ponies are
Stranger: I' m still going to get mad at pictures from
WWII and other horrible situations with a pony
photoshopped in and everyone thinking it' s a work of
art and suddenly realizing how horrible things were.
Stranger: If you can more easily relate to a cartoon
pony than to human beings there' s definitely something
wrong with you.
You: I don' t see why you shouldn' t, if you believe
something is horrible then you have every right to say
so. But not everyone will be as chill as me. I don' t think
it' s a relation thing, I believe it' s more ofa gateway for
people to communicate more easily with each other. A
lot of people justjuiced on the band wagon. I myself
did that but I actually enjoyed the show and the
community. Embers just say they do so they have
something to talk about.
Stranger: I suppose I' m just a hipster, hating on
anything that is remotely popular.
Stranger: But it was nice talking to you.
Stranger: Enjoy your ponies.
You: Haha maybe, it was nice talking to you too
stranger. We may have different opinion but you' re not
such a cunt after all. Enjoy your hating. Hate on.
Stranger: Righto!
Your partner has disconnected.
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