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OH NO another one of those autotuned ponies songs.
Sorry guys, it's not a This Day Aria cover but it's like pretty darn close, I guess. I almost broke my ears doing this song. And my computer, by throwing it out the window in frustration. This song has been sitting around unfinished and misbehaving since the day after the finale aired.

The entire This Day Aria video is incredible. It turned me into a depressed wreck for a little while because it's so ridiculously gorgeous and emotional. So have a little song mostly inspired by the entire royal wedding finale.

10/10 best finale ever holy crap

NOTE: This song is part of a free pony album called "The Pony Way" Pick that up here! :

Soundcloud download (Downloads have expired, use another download link) ::
¤ soundcloud.com/alllevelsatonce/changeling
Mediafire download ::
¤ www.mediafire.com/?w6ns11k4yf71gia
EQBeats download ::
¤ eqbeats.org/track/1519
Instrumental/off-vocal :: (Wow, this sounds cool !)
¤ alllevelsatonce.bandcamp.com/track/changeling-instrumental
Pretty album art ::
¤ i.imgur.com/JbGuV.jpg
NEW! Sheet music available here ::
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¤ soundcloud.com/alllevelsatonce/changelingpiano
To get the acapella/stems and remix the song ::
¤ Ask me! Just send me a PM.

The gorgeous stained glass Cadence piece in the album art was drawn by Akili-Amethyst.
She is here :: You need to login to view this link
And has a massive collection of them, both pony and non-pony. She also takes commissions for them, which I'm like crazy tempted to do with my OC.
The entire gallery is here :: You need to login to view this link
And the piece I used is here :: You need to login to view this link

This might be my last pony song of the season guys! Except for a few possible collabs, I don't have any more covers (planned). I've got an album that's been in the works for over a year that I'm hoping to really get some work done on. See you guys next season !!!

Edit: Oops, I forgot. There might be a pony ep soon. With one new track.

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