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they don't know what humans are
i lost it at 1:19
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am i only one who want angel to be consumed by snake?
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oh cmon fluttershy he didnt love you
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but angel is already dead
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>consumed by snake
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stupid... and gay. completely. -awaits the red thumbs just because I didn't kiss OP's ass-
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Then why are you here?
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Are you stupid? I was flipping through pictures and came upon this one. I love FunnyJunk but some things are just the stupidest **** that don't even deserve to be on a funny website. Take this one for example. And you people really need to learn the definition of "butthurt". lol Butthurt is completely irrelevant to this situation.
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Hmm, well then, lets start from the first comment that you made. You can call it stupid, and I will agree that it won't win any awards for intelligence, but is it really necessary to remark that the animation it's self has a sexual preference. And even if it did, what's wrong with being gay? I'm not, but I have several friends that are homosexuals and they are nothing less because of it. Secondly I never asked for you to "kiss my ass." and just because you don't doesn't mean that you will get red thumbs for it.

Now, on to the second. I was just expressing my opinion that if you didn't like the content that you could easily skip and not even give a care. Now, you go and call me stupid simply because of this? And the butthurt image was just expressing that you seemed a little upset over something insignificant.

And finally, I think that you need to take a closer look at FJ in general. There are a literal ton of "stupid **** " that get's uploaded on to the site. Many of which is way worse than this. But then again, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" , am I right?
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Good for you! :D You may go back to not having a life, now! <3
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I promptly will
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MFW...well the whole thing
MFW...well the whole thing
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that was brilliant
that was brilliant
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This is so bad it's good.
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I'm sorry, but the writing lacked a bit. The dialogue was dry and mostly unoriginal. There were too many pauses in dialogue, too. The voices done by Logan Miller (mainly Batman) were very stupid and little effort was put in to making them sound like decent voice work. He needs to practice a little more, that's all. On a personal note: if I were doing Batman, I'd try to go for more of Adam West because his Batman wasn't to be taken seriously. I'll admit that the story was great--Batman in Ponyville is a funny dichotomy. The animation style was slightly reminiscent of South Park and even Terry Gilliam's work in Monty Python--that's something to be proud of. If they do a sequel, hopefully Joker will be the one in Ponyville...but it'd better be Mark Hamill's Joker (just another opinion).

I give it a 5/10.
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