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Back to the Basics: Pinkie Pie


As we approach my humble year anniversary of pony music, it's time to look back. This little number might shock the more recent subscribers but for those of you who've been with me since the beginning, you might like this refresher. It's funny, really. I've gotten so caught up in experiencing and experimenting with the very new and different that you'd almost think I'd forgotten what I used to do best. I almost forgot my roots, if you will.

And that's what this new series is all about, ladies and gentlecolts. It is a return to roots in two senses. As a narrative, each short piece of this upcoming collection will portray the general story of each of the main 6 getting their cutie mark. In that sense, these pieces will explore their "roots." It is also a return to roots for me, both as a composer and musician. It's a return to the instrument I love and nothing but! The original title for the suite was going to be "Filly's Corner" after Debussy's "Children's Corner." Though I opted for another title, the spirit of childhood is something I hope to capture in these piece and furthermore, they are all simple enough to be playable by an intermediate piano student.

This piece, "Three Balloons" is obviously Pinkie Pie's entry. It's a bouncy little number with some odd little lurches in the meter and tonality. Take note however, that the harmonies are based on sequences of parallel 7ths. Things get a bit anxious as she prepares for that first party on the rock farm. Stillness takes over the work halfway through, unison notes trying to illustrate the uncertainty of her parent's reception. Ah, but we know how this story ends!

Party on, my favorite little pony, party soft, but party on.

Views: 2629 Submitted: 09/29/2012