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#1 - dashgamer
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(11/19/2012) [-]
I'm not going to watch Littlest Pet Shop because they use the word "littlest" and talking dogs and cats are so much less believable than talking ponies.
#2 to #1 - auradash [OP]
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(11/19/2012) [-]
There's no cat as a main character in the show; but I sort of agree, talking ponies is way better.
#4 to #2 - dashgamer
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(11/19/2012) [-]
Well... that and the giant heads kind of put me off.
#5 to #4 - traveltech
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(11/19/2012) [-]
And you think My Little Pony heads aren't big?
#6 to #5 - dashgamer
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(11/19/2012) [-]
They aren't twice the size of their body. All the features in cartoons are exaggerated, but the Pet Shop seemed to make the lack of proportion even greater.