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Hey there , It’s me Jake Dobbie, I am the guy responsible for A helping Hoof, and since you helped me last time I thought you could help me again,and hear about my next and upcoming project.

It is titled “spiral” and it is all about a boy named Jacob Kamcy who is beaten at school for being homosexual and a member of the Brony subculture. Although, this was not the first time. But every time he was down, he always had the community and subcultures to fall back on, but this time is different, he just gives up. He then falls in a deep depression where he loses all contact with the subculture he was a part of, through his everyday life things begin to go darker for him, he starts seeing glimpses, of the show. The community he abandoned, he starts to grow a little crazy, and depressed. So he the community he once was a part of begins to become worried and upset. So they try to help.

This is going to be severely different from my other films, it will incredibly dark and I hope well… heart wrenching. The film will contain more traditional style of film making, I will be getting a crew to help me film this, but don’t worry I am not going to stand up here and ask for donations for a fund, it is all coming out my own pocket, and the crew are friends of mine. The film will consist of mostly an original soundtrack with some other songs from more well-known composers in there at times to liven things up.
While this is mainly a “brony” project, there will be other subcultures that Jacob is into, but It is mainly the “brony” subculture that is the most … recognizably helpful and cheerful that Jacob is into.

The way this film works will be simple, when he sees the “glimpses” of the show he is simply “hallucinating” and the show is now crossing over with him into his real life, and he can’t escape it. So he goes in a spiral of depression and sadness.
This film is comprised of about 70% of true story, of which happened to me so I am glad that I finally get to represent my emotions in a way that is my art form, Movies.

But that is not all, What I need is also... Voice actors, I need people that can play
-Pinkie Pie
-Rainbow Dash
-Twilight Sparkle
-Apple Jack
and - Master Chief
So if you can voice act please send me a sample of your voice imitating one or any of the characters that I mentioned from before. and send them to jkdobbie@ You need to login to view this link you can say anything

I thank you all for your time Thank you

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My name is jacob.....