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yes but capitalism also allows for new entrepreneurs to start a business where as a lot of countries don't... i agree that the 1% thing is totally ******** to the average person. however I'd rather be able to make a fortune for myself, rather than be forced into a factory against my will to meet a useless quota that the government set for me "just because they said so".
#3 to #1 - pyrusd (02/24/2014) [-]
100% true. But you can regulate Capitalism better than what we have no where we allow too many things slip by that cause harm and don't promote enough things that cause growth and prosperity.

Examples. In my opinion anyway.

Every time a bank gets involved in the payment process for something, through a loan, the price goes up. Cars, Homes, College and so on. I don't feel banks should be allowed to lend money and use compound interest OR use an unfair rate in the loan process. You can take out 100,000$ to buy a home...with interest it'll cost you almost 200,000$. I don't see how that's fair, why should I pay you twice the amount of money you're giving me? I fully understand the need to pay for money you're borrowing I get that 100%. But I think the current rate is obscene and killing growth as well as overall prosperity since people are forking over tons in interest and not getting anything for it.

I think the tax bracket should be reorganized where if you make minimum wage, you do not pay any income tax. The highest bracket starts at around 390,000$. I think the highest bracket should start over 1 million. Again, I am all for taxes and I know we need them. But for a place that wants people to do better, it's not making it financially easier on them at all.

There's tons more things I would go into buy these are the main ones. Had to vent, sorry lol.
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Capitalism and cronyism.
How Cronyism is Hurting the Economy
User avatar #7 - awyissss ONLINE (02/24/2014) [-]
The biggest problems seem to come when the government and businesses intertwine in their endeavors. When the government starts getting involved in the business world we get regulation that, while passed with good intentions, hinders people and small companies and almost takes away their ability to exceed in their lives. But when businesses start getting involved with the government, suddenly we see the lobbyists that help create legislation that also hinders people and small companies.
In the ideal world, there would be a split between how much a government can get involved in a businesses practices and likewise for businesses interfering with governmental practices. However, it is too late for me to try to come up with a solution for that type of thing so I'll leave on that note
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Yeah but Tea Party is ****** retarded
#6 to #5 - pebar (02/24/2014) [-]
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Actually, most Tea Party members are just total ******* nutjobs with no idea what objective they are shooting for, and most often try to back up their stance with false information or outright insane fiction. For example, Michele Bachmann. Many of them have no principles at all, and merely use the facade of an organized front to further their personal agendas. That is why it pisses me off that they call themselves the Tea Party. The real Tea Party actually stood for something, even if they did dress up in disguise and try to blame it on my people at first.
#12 to #11 - anon (03/09/2014) [-]
Hell, there isn't even a "Tea Party" at all. They're a bunch of loosely-affiliated faction united only by their mutual hatred of the Democratic Party - that's pretty much all they can agree on.

A historical example of when this happened before was the so-called "Whig" Party that formed during Andrew Jackson's Presidency. They were a loose coalition united only by their hatred of Jackson, but eventually they ended up becoming the Republican Party we have today.
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