Circumcision Ban = Holocuast. oy vey the goyim knows this is a shoah Source: oy vey
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Circumcision Ban = Holocuast

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Circumcision ban is the Wurst attack on Jews
since Holocaust'
European Jewish and Muslim leaders co: mbi: to voice their growing anger at
affront to human rights'
BERLIN Friday's.
at I
was Palm‘ AP. A
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Submitted: 01/25/2014
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User avatar #2 - stabbedinthecrotch (01/25/2014) [-]
stickied by thanesyrdahl
Germans don't know how to tip.
User avatar #7 - Maroon ONLINE (01/25/2014) [-]
If you so badly want to cut off a part of your penis don't go somewhere where it's banned. If Christians were in an Islamic country bitching about wanting to do Christian **** , they'd be shot.
#9 to #7 - anon (01/25/2014) [-]
This is a horribly idiotic post. Just so bad. It's not like Jews have been in Germany for centuries or anything. It's not like this is some ancient tradition that has been practiced for thousands of years. Why is this happening now? This seems like another encroachment by government.
User avatar #12 to #9 - mrmuffins (01/25/2014) [-]
You know a once time honored tradition? Killing ******* .
User avatar #14 to #9 - matakeshi (01/25/2014) [-]
ruining a perfectly healthy mans dick for the "tradition" causes is an excuse? Why dont we create new religion and make a tradition to cut off a couple of random fingers, cut eyelids or something and say its for our religion tradition? Even further we should force other countries to use our traditions, and when they refuse, call them racist or somethig. You are a massive faggot and should never under any circumstances be in control of anything.
User avatar #35 to #9 - Maroon ONLINE (01/26/2014) [-]
It's not like Germans have been in Germany for even more centuries or anything
#24 - hansjob (01/25/2014) [-]
finally, something that unites jews and muslims. could this be the catalyst for peace in the middle east? that rhymes
User avatar #4 - hellomynameisbill ONLINE (01/25/2014) [-]
I honestly think it should be left up to the child to decide whether they want to lose their dicklid
User avatar #5 to #4 - thanesyrdahl (01/25/2014) [-]
I don't think children are able to make that choice.
User avatar #6 to #5 - hellomynameisbill ONLINE (01/25/2014) [-]
when they grow up they should have that choice. there aren't really many huge benefits to circumcision anyway
User avatar #8 to #6 - lavitts (01/25/2014) [-]
Well, besides not having to worry about dick cheese.
User avatar #10 to #8 - hellomynameisbill ONLINE (01/25/2014) [-]
dick cheese forms if you don't bathe for weeks

like me
User avatar #11 to #10 - lavitts (01/25/2014) [-]
Puberty was a bitch to me. I had the stuff after about a day unless I scrubbed.
I still have to use the sensitive skin formula down there, even after the op. I hate my body.
User avatar #29 - kanadetenshi (01/26/2014) [-]
I never got this circumcision thing away, i mean what kind of argument of intelligent design is that?

"Oh look at this beautifull child, he's made in the perfect image of god, except for that foreskin part we should chop that bit off"
#30 to #29 - Dadhhg (01/26/2014) [-]
they used to believe the foreskin carried certain diseases, so it got removed to prevent everyone catching stds, modern medicine say's it doesn't change anything, but ancient people didn't have modern medicine
User avatar #33 to #29 - thegrimgenius (01/26/2014) [-]
Well, it makes it easier to clean your willy.
User avatar #34 to #29 - beautifull (01/26/2014) [-]
#3 - thanesyrdahl (01/25/2014) [-]
"Circumcision ban is the Wurst attack on Jews   
since Holocaust'"   
Oh lightbulb.
"Circumcision ban is the Wurst attack on Jews
since Holocaust'"

Oh lightbulb.
#19 - inept (01/25/2014) [-]
I could never understand how any sane human being can look at their ''beautiful'' baby boy and think it's a good idea to chop a part of their dick off. Over a hundred die every year in the US alone because of it; all to please an imaginary man and some ******** religious beliefs. This is why I hate Jews.
#20 to #19 - anon (01/25/2014) [-]
My parents are christian and I was circumcised. And now I'm permanently scarred so there goes my self esteem for life. I think that's partly the reason I'm an atheist, because it affected me so negatively. That **** should be banned everywhere
#21 to #20 - inept (01/25/2014) [-]
Your smiley face is confusing me.
#22 to #21 - anon (01/25/2014) [-]
#23 to #22 - inept (01/25/2014) [-]
Fact is: it's unnecessary and it causes the death of infants. How can you justify that?
#28 to #23 - anon (01/26/2014) [-]
Same way Americans have been for some time. We get all outraged at hearing about African women being mutilated and yet next to nobody bats an eyelash when they hear the word "circumcision."
User avatar #25 to #20 - whycanticaps (01/25/2014) [-]
I think you have esteem issues unrelated to being circumcised. I've been circumcised, and the few girls that have seen my dick say it looks nicer than an uncut one
#26 to #25 - anon (01/25/2014) [-]
Of course he probably has esteem issues with being cut. It's his genitals that were mutilated without his consent. I'd say he has good reason and a right to have some problems with that.
User avatar #27 to #26 - whycanticaps (01/25/2014) [-]
mutilated is such a harsh term. Unless they really ****** up and he can't use his dick, then there is really no problem
#13 - whobobwhatpants (01/25/2014) [-]
screw that! stop little girls having their clit and lips chopped off!! that's disgusting. At least  getting circumcised doesn't affect what the guys can feel too much
screw that! stop little girls having their clit and lips chopped off!! that's disgusting. At least getting circumcised doesn't affect what the guys can feel too much
#15 to #13 - inept (01/25/2014) [-]
It's still an unnecessary and risky surgery, and I'm pretty sure what your just described is already illegal.
#31 to #15 - anon (01/26/2014) [-]
unneccessary: that´s a opinion
risky: wut ? no it isn´t. you don´t feel pain while and after the surgery, there is almost no blood, no real disadvantages.
#32 to #31 - inept (01/26/2014) [-]
How is that an opinion? there is no real benefit to circumcision, and yes it's risky 100 deaths a year and these are the infant lives.


We evolved a foreskin for a reason, it protects the end of the penis and it has antibacterial properties. Also it makes masturbation easier (no need for lube).
User avatar #16 to #15 - whobobwhatpants (01/25/2014) [-]
no all over the world unfortunately. they don't tend to listen in Africa
#18 to #17 - inept (01/25/2014) [-]
Well it's a German court ruling and they don't control the world, so I don't think they can do much about Africa.
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