Visting Australia. Source: 1mgur. Passport? Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense? No, sorry. I didn' t realise that was still a requirement!
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Visting Australia

Source: 1mgur

Have you ever been convicted
of a criminal offense?
No, sorry. I didn' t realise
that was still a requirement!
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Submitted: 07/04/2013
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User avatar #140 - BeVuTz (07/05/2013) [-]
Anybody got a link where I can check more of these out?
User avatar #183 to #149 - BeVuTz (07/16/2013) [-]
Cheers, they're awesome
#139 - DoktorHax (07/05/2013) [-]

<---- aussie customs
#134 - antigravitycake (07/05/2013) [-]
#168 to #134 - anonymous (07/05/2013) [-]
It's funny because you're Captain America .
#122 - bitchplzzz (07/05/2013) [-]
#119 - anonymous (07/05/2013) [-]
I know you'll either look over this, or reply with some seemingly clever, smart-ass response, but I should have you know....

These comics are bad. And I don't mean they're just plain bad in my own opinion. I mean, sure, it's my opinion, but I have literally thought about these comics, this series, at random points through the day, usually during small fits of anger, or something similar. Whenever I feel negativity or hatred for something or someone, this series of comics (if you can call it that) crosses my mind, and I feel a heavy weight come over me. Like this negative dark pressure, that reminds me that the world has turned to **** , and there's nothing anyone can do about it. You personally remind me that, sadly, people like you DO exist in the world, and, not figuratively speaking, it makes me want to end my life. Every time I see these, I sigh. I sigh for you, because you're such a dunce, that it hurts. And I sigh for myself, because I came to Funnyjunk in the first place.
#129 to #119 - harleyzone (07/05/2013) [-]
so you felt that it was easier to write a small essay on how much you dislike it than to just press that little red "x" in the upper right corner?
User avatar #124 to #119 - ihatem (07/05/2013) [-]
Lol liar
User avatar #120 to #119 - numbersixtyseven **User deleted account** (07/05/2013) [-]
Wow, dude... Grab a Snickers and get your priorities straight.

You're hating on a ******* internet comic.
#118 - anonymous (07/05/2013) [-]
I understood the joke immediately.
User avatar #117 - xfostbytex (07/05/2013) [-]
I wish I had a monocle that could squint.
#116 - sweateagle (07/05/2013) [-]
I'm beginning to know why the plane looks so sad...
#110 - disasterbater (07/05/2013) [-]
u wot m8
u wot m8
#161 to #110 - zeevalkyrie ONLINE (07/05/2013) [-]
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#107 - bdowns has deleted their comment [-]
#106 - anonymous (07/05/2013) [-]
Search this for a jimmy rustling: watch?v=edZjdgU0asM
User avatar #103 - eyerandomz (07/05/2013) [-]
You need to login to view this link

code for epicness: WNmqHQnq
User avatar #105 to #104 - eyerandomz (07/05/2013) [-]
#88 - tmdarby (07/05/2013) [-]
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User avatar #75 - jimjimmerson (07/05/2013) [-]
As a Canadian who speaks the queen's English I'm offended that a British citizen would say realise not realize.
#109 to #75 - anonymous (07/05/2013) [-]
'realise' is correct English whereas 'realize' is American English.
User avatar #97 to #75 - TarnRazor ONLINE (07/05/2013) [-]
The British variation of the word is "Realise". "Realize" is American.
#98 to #97 - jimjimmerson has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #131 to #98 - takesomemorewater (07/05/2013) [-]
You are an ******* ...
#114 to #98 - thisotherdude (07/05/2013) [-]
Dude, shut the **** up, you're making Canadians look bad.
#133 to #114 - anonymous (07/05/2013) [-]
They don't need his help to do that.
#170 to #133 - jimjimmerson (07/05/2013) [-]
Well, "anon" as much as I'd love to engage in a tiny dick contest about people making their country look bad, I've neither the ambition nor (according to your mother) tiny dick (yes you can call me dad). It was a simple comment about the letter Z being used in place of S in a word. I'd come to understand that Canada and the UK had common spellings of it. Have a good day.
User avatar #99 to #98 - TarnRazor ONLINE (07/05/2013) [-]
Man I don't know what you're talking about.. It says Americans and Canadians spell it with a "z" and outside North America, it's spelled wit an "s".
User avatar #171 to #99 - jimjimmerson (07/05/2013) [-]
Just highlighting what it said. I don't mind being wrong.
User avatar #89 to #75 - biomedic (07/05/2013) [-]
uhhh we say realise here in England :S
#92 to #89 - jimjimmerson (07/05/2013) [-]
Maybe you don't realize you're personally saying it wrong. What's oxford dictionary say?
Well, there you go.
User avatar #94 to #92 - biomedic (07/05/2013) [-]
wowww I've never met a person that spells it like that and it's always been 'realise' even at university level. Well.... Got my own language wrong. **** .
#95 to #94 - jimjimmerson (07/05/2013) [-]
That's okay. I got marked wrong for using U in colour at a university level... In Canada we use U... eh.
User avatar #123 to #95 - xanorth (07/05/2013) [-]
I don't know why you're getting thumbed down, but we do use U in quite a few words, like "honour".
#91 to #89 - jimjimmerson has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #90 to #89 - lolfire (07/05/2013) [-]
No we don't.

It's one of the few English words that originally uses the Z instead of the S.
In this case the S is the Americanized version.
User avatar #96 to #90 - biomedic (07/05/2013) [-]
Google has confused me further, from what I can gather neither is wrong but 'realise' is considered the English way and 'realize' the American. Personally from where I'm from it's always been 'realise' but I guess it varies.
User avatar #78 to #75 - sketchE (07/05/2013) [-]
i didnt realize there was a difference until it was highlighted as wrong
User avatar #79 to #78 - jimjimmerson (07/05/2013) [-]
Now you know.
#101 to #79 - sierrasierra (07/05/2013) [-]
It's realise in Australia
#73 - mylifeasacomic (07/05/2013) [-]
uʍop ǝpısdn ʇ,usı sıɥʇ pǝpuǝɟɟo ɯ,ı 'uɐılɐɹʇsnɐ uɐ sɐ
uʍop ǝpısdn ʇ,usı sıɥʇ pǝpuǝɟɟo ɯ,ı 'uɐılɐɹʇsnɐ uɐ sɐ
#108 to #73 - honkan (07/05/2013) [-]
˙ʇlnsuı ǝɥʇ ʎpǝɯǝɹ dlǝɥ uɐɔ sıɥʇ ǝdoɥ I
User avatar #66 - jorah (07/05/2013) [-]
Does Australia have high crime-rates or something?
I don't get it.
User avatar #67 to #66 - onomatopenis (07/05/2013) [-]
Basically when the English first colonized Australia they used it primarily for a prison because of there overcrowded ones.
User avatar #152 to #67 - nephritho (07/05/2013) [-]
I can see why Australia was a prison because of all those ******* deadly animals.
Even the cute animals are ****** up.
User avatar #113 to #67 - trollolololgabe (07/05/2013) [-]
#102 to #67 - anonymous (07/05/2013) [-]
They didn't use it as a prison. They brought criminals across to use as free labour to help settle the land for colonization. The prisoners were then usually freed, and allowed to live on Australia, so it was a pretty good deal.
#77 to #67 - repostsrepost (07/05/2013) [-]
User avatar #68 to #67 - jorah (07/05/2013) [-]
Ah, I see.
#64 - demonicstphenson (07/05/2013) [-]
Took me a while but I eventually got it.
#59 - mainstreamed (07/05/2013) [-]
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