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Visit North America

howdy, i' m the US of A
people sometimes forget that
not only am i the greatest,
most free country on earth,
but i' m also the greatest,
most free country in my own
but enough about me,
let me show you the other,
less free places in
North America.
this is canada and h. e is an idiot. .
he IS a socialist
mania stalinist maoist leninist
left wing commie pinko.
canada' s national holiday is may day,
and on that day the Canadian Ministry of
Privilege Control rounds up all
wealthy white males for public shaming.
iwould invade ... err, liberate ... canada
but i don' t want to be in control of such a
shitty country!
HAHAHAHAHAH Aahahah ah aha -
6) canada is my best and
Views: 15440 Submitted: 11/26/2013