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#84 - wobblesbeatbox (11/03/2013) [-]
As a Canadian we were taught that America could have steam rolled us, but seeing as though Canadian militia men and other british/native american forces held the US off long enough that considering they had pretty much only recently gained their independence, most were "losing interest" in fighting. It's been a while, so take that with a grain of salt.
User avatar #89 to #84 - datbear (11/03/2013) [-]
not really america had 12000 men and 17 ships we were going to attack through new york but some dudes were like hey this war is useless so just go home so we attacked through Michigan and it failed because its hard to win wars against the worlds greatest power at that time
#92 to #89 - wobblesbeatbox (11/03/2013) [-]
Thats what I mean by losing interest, people began realizing how useless it was, but they could have mucked our barns if they had gone through with the attack. Either way, nothing happened and Quebec's still a thing, so no one wins
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