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#41 - vladstronsy (02/05/2014) [-]
And we forget the daily raids they make on one another and that Israel/Palestine is actually incredibly 			*******		 tiny. I mean 			****		 it's been a nonstop bitchfest between the two since Yasser Afrat and Ariel Sharon got knocked off and Isreal is going to take every advantage it can get to secure itself from having 			*******		 rockets launched inside of it's borders like what has been happening for the past 			*******		 decade. No wait, my bad, the past three decades.
And we forget the daily raids they make on one another and that Israel/Palestine is actually incredibly ******* tiny. I mean **** it's been a nonstop bitchfest between the two since Yasser Afrat and Ariel Sharon got knocked off and Isreal is going to take every advantage it can get to secure itself from having ******* rockets launched inside of it's borders like what has been happening for the past ******* decade. No wait, my bad, the past three decades.
#72 to #41 - learnthisline (02/05/2014) [-]
As you can see, your "opinion" has been founded on misinformation, and we all know you're chatting utter **** .
Please go and do some more research before coming up with the same **** again.
User avatar #121 to #72 - vladstronsy (02/05/2014) [-]
How about you go to Isreal and you watch the **** that goes on, or maybe you go to Beirut and get shot in the street, or what about if you go near the border with Syria and get hit with a motor, or maybe you'd like to go to Saudi Arabia where migrant workers are treated like slaves? My opinion has been founded on the friends I have made in Israel/Palestine, Kurdistan and Iran. My opinion has been founded on the bloodbath that is still happening on the borders whenever some ****** launches rockets over the border, prompting the Israeli's to bomb the **** out of whoever launched the rocket for the billionth time. I accept what Israel has done, and it's as inexcusable as the Americans and the ******* Europeans and their treatment of every other native group in the goddamn Americas.

Jesus ******* Christ I know people who've been in Gaza when they bomb the **** out of it when some dumb **** launches a rocket at a school, I know Arabs living inside of the country, I know Israelis and Palestinians and I have come to a collective agreement with them that this war is stupid as **** but unavoidable. They both refuse to give any ground and if you ignorant cravens think that you can ignore the constant infighting between Isreal and Palestine then be my guess, because you know something? They're both ******* terrible, but it's made up of a lot of individuals, Individuals who I would ******* die for. On both sides you asshole.
User avatar #171 to #121 - learnthisline (02/05/2014) [-]
You live in country A.
Country B decides that your land, in Country A, is now theirs.
Country B now becomes the "legit" Country (even though it's against near enough every single international law).
You're like what? I've lived in Country A all my life, and so has my parents, and their parents, etc.
Country B starts detaining your fellow compatriots.
They start putting up road blocks so access to resources is cut off.
They demolish your home, killing your mother.
They start to put factories on land that was once your home.

What would you do?
You can't get a job, you can't get an education, you can't do **** .
You're telling me that you wouldn't fight back?
Because you would be lying.
Did the Russians just let the Nazis have their land? Did the Indians that were forcibly moved to a newly created state (Pakistan) just accept it? No.

Palestinians are fighting because they have no choice! Sure, they could keep their "morals" and just "live and let live", but they would end up living in an apartheid state... Which many do. Or, they could fight back, which a minority do.

You need to actually think about the situation. Did you flunk history?
User avatar #296 to #171 - vladstronsy (02/05/2014) [-]
If your going to read this, read down then up.
User avatar #295 to #171 - vladstronsy (02/05/2014) [-]
I've done my ******* research, I've done my goddamn time listening to Israel's crimes, and the things that have been done for the sake of Palestine, and you know what? It's as stupid as any other ******* war, as are the people in charge. Friend, I've had enough of war and segregation, and I'm done with it. Both sides have done good and atrocious things, both sides I sympathize with, and I've come to realize they aren't sides! These are individuals, numberless individuals left dead over this. And when you see the ******* bodies like I've seen enough of, then maybe you won't be so quick to pull out your weapons just like they did in 1948.
I'm done, everyone can beat the dead horse if they want and red thumb me but it doesn't change the truth of this matter. It's a ******* stupid conflict that could have been avoided. I'm outie.
User avatar #294 to #171 - vladstronsy (02/05/2014) [-]
Friend I have thought long and hard, and you know what I see? I see two tired old men who have been played since the start. I see two individuals who have been conquered and slaughtered since the second Diaspora. And you know what, I am ******* appealed but I will not side with either of them, because neither of them give a **** about the people I've known. Neither of them give a **** about the individual who dies, for or against them. Neither of them give a damn about who they would divide because the Palestinians back in the day planned to do the exact same thing to Israel's people in their ******* territory. Friend, if you openly sympathize with Israel in Gaza you will be burned alive as a spy. I am very, very tired of this war, and you know what? I'm also tired of this argument. Call one or the other a terrorist state, it does not change what they are, nor does it change my opinion, their governments seek to openly divide them, their leadership is ignorant and identical in it's goals, and the people are the everyday citizen is just ******* tired of it, as I am with this petty argument. You can argue with me when you see a man's leg get taken off in Israel when some **** blows up a bus, you can argue with me when you hold your best friends hands as they shake as she tells you about the time her mother got shot by Christian insurgents in Aley, you can bleeding argue with me when the happiest man you've ever met regails you with the time he came back to his apartment in Hebron to find it's been firebombed because some Cunt launched a rocket at Israel near it and it hit someone and the Israelis weren't ******* choosy about what they hit.
User avatar #293 to #171 - vladstronsy (02/05/2014) [-]
My Ancestors were slaughtered at Glencoe because they were loyal to the north and opposed English rule. I live in Canada because the remainder of my clan fled, to the Islands, to Wales, eventually to Canada. My ancestors were put to the goddamn torch because we would not bend knee to our new lords, and we were butchered because of it. Friend I know of history, suffering and bloodshed are the words I have read since Mesopotamia, my line contains that of Irish travelers and Scottish exiles, and I also know enough people, from the current ******* violence In Israel/Palestine to see it for what it is. I never sided with Israel, but I will not support or demonize them for what they've done, just as I won't do the same for Palestine. I see great clusters of individuals, most of whom have seen enough of war, but who's leaders would gladly divide them and put the other side to the torch. You want to know something? The Arabs and the rest of the middle east don't give a **** about Palestine. Palestinians are dogs, worse then the dirt, and I'm saddened by that. Because for the past Millennium these two ******* groups, Jews and Palestinians have always been at the back ******* end of it. When there was a pogrom, it was them getting chased out of town. Israel and Palestine, are both liking the wounds from years of bloodshed, and I want to see both of them to be allowed to live in their own land, which they both have a right to. The old borders need to be redrawn, and I believe that if their ******* rulers got out of the way, both Jews and Palestinians would see how much in common they had. Then maybe they'd be allowed some ******* peace once they throw out Hamas, the corrupt Palestinian Authority and the ******* Zionist Zealots.
User avatar #292 to #171 - vladstronsy (02/05/2014) [-]
Operation Barbarossa was a war between two major powers, with the people of Russia and the people of Germany, Poland, the Baltic States and the rest of Eastern Europe bearing the brunt of it, millions died for the idle fantasys of Adolf Hitler, but a great many also died in Stalin's industrial revivals and his five year plans.
The divide between Muslims and Hindu's traces back centuries since the damned Mughal conquests and there have been Diaspora's in India of every religious group from Muslim to Hindu to Jan to Sikh since that time.
Neither of these describe the unique situation Israel/Palestine is in.
User avatar #103 to #71 - konradkurze (02/05/2014) [-]
pretty much because israel considers all palestinians to be criminals..but holy **** if even one israeli was arrested for a legit reason and put into a cell, the israeli army would invade, kill innocent people, 'rescue' the detained israeli and have every media channel paint it up as palestine kidnapped dozens of harmless israelis
#82 to #70 - carlsagouin (02/05/2014) [-]
Not only the arabs but the blacks too ! And even black jews from Ethiopeia. They're treated like **** and many israeli people protest against them with extremely racist slogans.

>muh jewish country 11!!
#45 to #41 - anon (02/05/2014) [-]
yeah because Israel has been acting reasonably and not trying to instigate **** .
both sides aren't innocent, you moron.
User avatar #47 to #45 - vladstronsy (02/05/2014) [-]
Did I say they were innocent? No, I said they're both ******* terrible but tiny compared to the rest of the ******** happening on the planet.
#95 to #47 - timerce (02/05/2014) [-]
im gonna have to disagree just how tiny the problem is considering how much money the us govt pumps into israel. money that should be being spent to fix ppls problems back home is being used to prop up an apartheid terrorist state in israel.
User avatar #104 to #95 - konradkurze (02/05/2014) [-]
yeah nice how usa pisses on its own people while it bleeds money to a fascist state.....preaching peace and equality while it funds apartheid
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