well there's an idea.... . NORMAL. and i'm just sitting here being all mysterious and
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well there's an idea...

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Submitted: 02/16/2013
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#216 - jtdoggs **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#215 - joeywolfreturns (02/19/2013) [-]
If eevee had a normal type evolution then wouldn't that make eevee a baby pokemon?
User avatar #212 - Durp (02/17/2013) [-]
I want the fighting one! And the ground and bug and steel and normal, oh **** I want them all
User avatar #211 - demandsgayversion (02/17/2013) [-]
**** you, I like Evee just the way he is, he doesn't have to change for nobody! He's fine just the way he is. I love him because he is himself.
User avatar #210 - domogle (02/17/2013) [-]
the fighting one looks like the sandy fan bitch from Naruto
User avatar #222 to #210 - Temari (03/03/2013) [-]
u wot m8?
User avatar #202 - climatus (02/17/2013) [-]
the ghost one makes me feel sad....
User avatar #201 - ppeeddoobbeeaarr (02/17/2013) [-]
Either that or they should raise Eevee's stats to match the evolutions.
User avatar #193 - SlayerOOz (02/17/2013) [-]

lool look familiar XD still love the idea tho, guess we both did :P
#217 to #193 - zuchowskij has deleted their comment [-]
#194 to #193 - anonymous (02/17/2013) [-]
thumbed you down for reposting, flagged your comment as spam. Gtfo.
User avatar #196 to #194 - SlayerOOz (02/17/2013) [-]
cool story bro, do us a favor don't tell it again
#184 - anonymous (02/17/2013) [-]
they all look gay. especially the normal one.

the 3 orginial shall always be the best.
#206 to #184 - acier **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #199 to #184 - demideus (02/17/2013) [-]
Umbreon and espeon were bad ass, thank you very much.
#178 - garymotherfinoak (02/17/2013) [-]
This image has expired
You forgot the "???" type, Mystereon
User avatar #189 to #178 - Sethorein ONLINE (02/17/2013) [-]
??? was removed from pokemon games as a type....
#173 - rabidracoon (02/17/2013) [-]
am i the only one wondering why there are two normal types?   
pic unrelated
am i the only one wondering why there are two normal types?

pic unrelated
#207 to #173 - kaponrises **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#195 to #173 - anonymous (02/17/2013) [-]
User avatar #188 to #173 - pixy (02/17/2013) [-]
I only see one Normal eeveloution..
User avatar #177 to #173 - goochmaster (02/17/2013) [-]
You ARE aware that some of these are fan-made, right? Including the normal one?
User avatar #172 to #162 - larsadmeulen (02/17/2013) [-]
I wonder what type it will be
User avatar #218 to #172 - bostpost (02/23/2013) [-]
I'm going to go on an edge and say that it's ghost type. Just because its a ghost type doesn't mean that it has to be black/purple/gray... It looks kinda demonic...those eyes
User avatar #220 to #218 - darthdingo (03/03/2013) [-]
Let's not forget the ears, tail, and paws that are bathed in blood, as per its ancestral customs.
User avatar #191 to #172 - Sethorein ONLINE (02/17/2013) [-]
Clearly dragon/poison!
User avatar #181 to #172 - bramy (02/17/2013) [-]
Looking at its color and the hearts I would have to say normal
User avatar #180 to #172 - cobaltlumi (02/17/2013) [-]
Im going to guess new type or flying.
#204 to #180 - anonymous (02/17/2013) [-]
There are rumours going around that there could be sound and light types. I don't personally like the idea but Slyveon may confirm it.
#209 to #204 - anonymous (02/17/2013) [-]
There is so far no reason to believe that.
User avatar #192 to #180 - avatarofavarice (02/17/2013) [-]
>Name is Sylveon
>Sounds like Sylpheon
>Sylph's were wind elementals.
>Sylveon will be flying type (Backed up by the butterfly-like decorations)

That's my logical inference, but I could be wrong.
User avatar #197 to #192 - TheRedScare (02/17/2013) [-]
You are 100% correct.

Plus if you compare her to Skyla, they are kind of similar!
#156 - Jesusnipples ONLINE (02/17/2013) [-]
I would start playing pokemon games again if that poison evolution came to be.   
I love it so goddamn much.    
I would be lying if I said that the thought of using that to poison other people's pets into unconsciousness didn't give me a boner.   
I'd also be lying if I said I didn't have problems.   
<-- unrelated
I would start playing pokemon games again if that poison evolution came to be.
I love it so goddamn much.

I would be lying if I said that the thought of using that to poison other people's pets into unconsciousness didn't give me a boner.
I'd also be lying if I said I didn't have problems.

<-- unrelated
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#158 to #156 - moldybreadcrumb (02/17/2013) [-]
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User avatar #151 - sparkyoneonetwo (02/17/2013) [-]
I like him better when it was just water electric and fire
#182 to #151 - spidahridah (02/17/2013) [-]
Me too.
Me too.
User avatar #185 to #182 - sparkyoneonetwo (02/17/2013) [-]
good to know I"m not the only one
User avatar #145 - shadowstepone (02/17/2013) [-]
how do you get a normal? evolve when it isn't day or night?
User avatar #148 to #145 - mortaleternity (02/17/2013) [-]
a Normal eevee would probably evolve at a certain level, not just during day or night. For example, if it hits level 50 (high enough level that it would have become espeon or umbreon or anny of the others by then) it would start to evolve into the normal. If B is pressed and they leevel up again it would probably randomly be either umbreon/espeon or the normal (but you would be able to tell by the outline, and be able to B if undesired)
Atleast, that's my theory. a Shiny stone might be what is used, too.
#198 to #148 - anonymous (02/17/2013) [-]
It wouldn't be solely a level, because then there is an incongruity with older games where it should have been possible. Now, if it evolved at a level while knowing a certain new move or having a certain new item would be the way they would do it.
#159 to #148 - makeitasyougo (02/17/2013) [-]
it might just be, as you said, a standard level evolution but i think early to mid 30s would be appropriate, if its obtained pre lvl 20, maybe a lvl 40 evolution for pre 30s.. but they might not make a normal evolution and this makes me sad
User avatar #166 to #159 - mortaleternity (02/17/2013) [-]
If truth be told, I'm going to assume/hope that it's a poison type, because I mean, there needs to be poison types that dont seem like it, just like how in real life not everything poisonous is obvious.
#175 to #166 - makeitasyougo (02/17/2013) [-]
i'd truly like to see an evolution based on how much it dislikes you, maybe a poison or fighting type, that way it would tie into the umbreon/espeon thing and espeon would be useful against an eeveolution?
User avatar #190 to #175 - mortaleternity (02/17/2013) [-]
Getting an eevee to dislike you is pretty hard. You'd have to literally get them KOd left and right in order to get their friendship or w/e level down to minimun.

Which would mean it would likely be a ghost-type one.
#200 to #190 - anonymous (02/17/2013) [-]
Energy powder
User avatar #205 to #200 - mortaleternity (02/17/2013) [-]
Oh, I didn't consider that. Thumb for you, anon!
User avatar #141 - Lordskull (02/17/2013) [-]
How would you evolve it into Rock Eevee? would you use a Rock Stone?
User avatar #186 to #141 - Viceroy (02/17/2013) [-]
If there's specifically a 'rock stone', does that imply that the other stones are ade of materials other than rock?
User avatar #174 to #141 - burnboy (02/17/2013) [-]
Maybe if you just keep throwing rocks at it until something happens?
User avatar #163 to #141 - thrashtilldeath (02/17/2013) [-]
The same method for getting Leafeon or Glaceon; train it in a specific place (most likely a cave/special rock).
User avatar #157 to #141 - simbasa (02/17/2013) [-]
Maybe it would be similar to how Rhydon evolves into Rhyperior, it needs to hold a specific item while being traded.
User avatar #139 - cylentnight (02/17/2013) [-]
Except for the Ghost- and Fighting-type ones wouldn't happen because PETA and all the soccer moms would get mad because "animal abuse" themes
User avatar #147 to #139 - usernameloading (02/17/2013) [-]
#142 to #139 - darthtomale (02/17/2013) [-]
#138 - anonymous (02/17/2013) [-]
Ghost? more like a mummy(i suck at grammar)
#135 - sniffalot (02/17/2013) [-]
User avatar #111 - rodiganschmidt (02/17/2013) [-]
ghost type gave me an instaboner
User avatar #133 to #111 - dracosjaws (02/17/2013) [-]
Eevee in general gives me an instaboner.
#136 to #133 - anonymous (02/17/2013) [-]
How does pokemon give you a boner???
#179 to #136 - Hentaifan (02/17/2013) [-]
How does it NOT give you a boner?
User avatar #221 to #179 - darthdingo (03/03/2013) [-]
I know I'm gonna get it, but... yeah, you're not alone. I don't know why, but it just... sorta... happens.
#134 to #133 - rodiganschmidt (02/17/2013) [-]
True Dat!
True Dat!
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