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Everyone laughs at the story of Noah's Ark but I firmly believe it did happen. One of the major criticisms is that you couldn't possibly fit all the species of animal on a boat of that size, and I agree with that. I think that God just wanted Noah to go through the effort of gathering up all the animals that Noah himself knew existed, which wasn't that many, then God would bring the animals that didn't get on the ark back to life. He wanted to teach Noah, and all those who read the Bible, the importance of following His instructions. If Noah hadn't done that, God may have not resurrected all the animals after the flood. I guess that just goes to show the importance of following God's Words ;-)
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I don't know why the hell you got red thumbs. Honestly, people should just be like "Oh I disagree" or "Oh this is religious I won't like it so I'll not waste my time to read, thumb down, and comment on it" Honestly, let them say whatever the **** they want.
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It's your word against what it says in the bible. And last time I checked, you're supposed to follow the bible.
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>implying that Christianity accurately describes history..
>implying that Christianity accurately describes history..
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You know, I don't hate on people who are religious, but some people need to have a little common sense. There is absolutely no evidence that a massive flood of biblical proportions ever occurred during humanity's short existence on Earth, and the mere fact that Noah was supposed to have fit two of every single kind of animal on his boat without them mauling and completely obliterating each other is proposterous.
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Emm, excuse me, I don't know if I'm not researching properly, but only Christianity and the North American tribe called the Kaskla believed there was a massive flood...
Not many other origins describe a massive world wide flood...
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Meh, I'll admit I didn't look too hard, I'm too stoned to actually care about this..
But I did find this;
One estimate of the volume of water in the atmosphere at any one time is about 3,100 cubic miles (mi3) or 12,900 cubic kilometers (km3). That may sound like a lot, but it is only about 0.001 percent of the total Earth’s water volume of about 332,500,000 mi3 (1,385,000,000 km3)

If all of the water in the atmosphere rained down at once, it would only cover the ground to a depth of 2.5 centimeters, about 1 inch.

Additionally, because only 1.7% of the earth’s water is stored underground,12 there is not nearly enough water in groundwater storage beneath the earth’s surface to account for the amount of water necessary to flood the entire earth to the extent described in the Bible.
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Not really, the mere idea of a flood that large in scale is ridiculous. And please do tell me what other ancient civilization from a DIFFERENT area of the world had legends of a massive flood, and don't mention the Japanese Divine Wind that destroyed the Mongolian invasion fleet, that was a sea storm, not a flood.
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Give me one legend, one direct legend from any specific tribe, please.
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Actually, if you read the epic of Gilglamesh, you will see that it mentions a great flood. And that was in Mesopotamia, which is very far away from any native American tribes.
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That sounds like a long version of I don't any other myths about floods.
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Why didn't you do that in the first place. You could have avoided all this confrontation.
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Congratulations Well played troll, well played.
Understandably I almost bit. I could feel the rage at your ignorance build...
Nearly started to rage. And I srs'd.
Then I remembered if you meant it, then life has already got you back.
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**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #82 at A fruit story... **

atheists are ******* :D
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did someone call jebus?
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i can use stupid pictures too
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and im sure you have a perfectly logical explanation as to the creation of the universe and life because, after all, athiests are never wrong.
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Except that's not how it happened at all and that's not what Christians believe...
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Well bottom line is I AM god
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