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#251 - FightClub (11/15/2012) [-]
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lol what the **** are the first 3 pokemon in gen 3? who the **** actually considers them to be legendaries? how unjustifiable
User avatar #257 to #251 - ZenMacros (11/15/2012) [-]
Based on their backgrounds, they're more qualified to be legendaries than the three birds from gen 1 are.
#451 to #257 - FightClub (11/16/2012) [-]
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yeah, that's why they're so popular and uniquely-invented
User avatar #256 to #251 - vexaton ONLINE (11/15/2012) [-]
If you consider Unodostres to be legendary, so are the Regi's. The Regi's are actually hard to find without a guide too.
User avatar #258 to #256 - fizzor (11/16/2012) [-]
I hear that, trying to find them was perhaps the most cryptic **** in Pokemon I've ever seen.
User avatar #270 to #258 - vexaton ONLINE (11/16/2012) [-]
It was... To get them, you had to read braille to know to have a relicanth and a wailord in your party, in specific positions. Using dive and **** in specific places, and solving puzzles in braille...
User avatar #272 to #270 - fizzor (11/16/2012) [-]
Yeah, I remember reading about it when I was a kid. Who the **** would figure that **** out, seriously?
User avatar #287 to #272 - vexaton ONLINE (11/16/2012) [-]
I figured it out eventually... 12 years old, no computer... Damn it was hard xD
User avatar #290 to #287 - fizzor (11/16/2012) [-]
I couldn't be ****** to try and figure it out myself. I was too ******* eager to get a bunch of legendaries so I just looked it up from Gamewinners. Ah man, the innocent times as a kid.
User avatar #253 to #251 - thatguythatlaughs (11/15/2012) [-]
Regirock, regiice and registeel i believe.

no idea why they are legendaries
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