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#23 - cidricc
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Math. not even once.
#179 to #23 - braggaboom
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User avatar #99 to #23 - dmoneys
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that image. Legendary everything except the face... which is... Bidoof....
#175 to #99 - anon id: 08156f70
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(04/14/2013) [-]
One bidoof was trampled by every newly beginning trainer and none even tried to catch him. Bruised once again and limping away down a valley, it saw a rainbow. It ran to it and was blessed by a great heat and the sound of roaring wings. Golden colors blinded him as he looked up and saw Ho-Oh making roost on a tree.

"I have seen your struggles," Ho-Oh called to him, "and I have agreed to grant you one wish with my sacred power." Bidoof teared up, then puffed its chest and cried back:
"I wish to be the very best there ever was! I wish to be the bane of every trainers' existence, an uncatchable Pokemon. They will believe I am a myth, only a story spewed out by trainers who were worthy enough to be crushed under my foot. I wish to be the ultimate, I wish to be Legendary."
This is the story of Bidoof, Sinnoh's reckoning.
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