Pokemon Pinball. Did anyone else waste hours of their childhood playing this?.. I always liked the Trading Card game more. Pokemon game pinball
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User avatar #7 - halotalim (08/27/2013) [-]
I always liked the Trading Card game more.
User avatar #6 - eshaythewolf (08/26/2013) [-]
I still have my copy of this, it had a rumble pack on it, now I'm going to have to find it and play it.
#5 - John Cena (08/26/2013) [-]
I still do *holds up copy of Pokemon Pinball and her GBA* - I'd play it on my GBC, but that poor thing is broken
#4 - kaboomz (08/26/2013) [-]
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i did
User avatar #3 - yiffcario (08/26/2013) [-]
This game.
#2 - BloodyTurds ONLINE (08/26/2013) [-]
didnt play much of it, though i did play alot of pokemon snap and pokemon trading card game, 2 great games everyone seems to just forget about over all the rpg's
#1 - pippinsipopsilopic (08/26/2013) [-]
i loved this game
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