Pokemon Gender. Brain hurts.. have visible genitalia dull‘ Pokemon gender pikatchu gary Ash misty battle game boy color advance
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#1 - compass
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(02/28/2012) [-]
User avatar #7 - jokeface
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(04/17/2012) [-]
most Pokemon have visible gender differences. in fact, some species are only male, like Mr. Mime, or only female, like Jynx.

others are very obvious, like the Nidoran families, in which the males are purple and the females are blue.

but again, almost all Pokemon (besides the legendaries and a few normal ones) have little details about their physical appearance that differ based on their gender for example, the barbels on the sides of Gyarados's face are blue on the males, but white on the females
#8 to #7 - anon id: c808b0de
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(07/05/2012) [-]
Mr. Mime can be either gender (Becaus eit's Japanese name is the gender neutral Barrierd for anyone who asks).

And many animals in real life actually don't have noticable genitalia, most birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians for example. And besides, Pokemon is it's own Family, so maybe they just don't have visible genitalia but still have different genders.
User avatar #5 - QuestionMarks
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(02/29/2012) [-]
probably have junk but hide it family guy style for the kids
(have you ever really seen peter's penis even though he's often naked)
#4 - superwhite
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(02/28/2012) [-]
Reach for it bro....

User avatar #3 - krakarot
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(02/28/2012) [-]
Some pokemon likely would have visible junk. Mostly the mammal-like ones. For the ones that don't, there's sexing like they do with baby chickens and all types of lizards as well as some species of animals have physical differences between the genders. Mostly found in birds and insects, it would literally be something like the Nidoran's.
#2 - anon id: 80b7ea24
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(02/28/2012) [-]
Only one way to find out