Pokemon Adventure. Have fun with your adventure, I'll be playing too.. they trait art the badge: yeah earner! This game will often ask you pick the last 3 digit

Pokemon Adventure

Have fun with your adventure, I'll be playing too.

they trait art the badge: yeah earner!
This game will often ask you pick the last 3 digits of your next -
Dis ‘Havel:
IS. by ''. Evolver H than ewe L
talus your patios new level in Fim) 11122 Fey-: hie. ]
Vermeer: ante new
i L tide Tigrex, t' ptd rm: ' e we
TRA Team Rasset I Oaks Ti s: Flannery:. e Gym Leader
WP: Wild Pokemon it a e ttll 3... Read the tap boxy. Y. pr Add he ';',', i, earler) he were dig& we
f theattack "W (tll ' '. ihtm" mikl M kxi)
Ftrw the to We ' but en this we . ' Fantina: Hearthrug on Leader
oer]: Kare {whey enema: ,
WI Add he '. aer oracled he last] digit ofyour next post
359: Puke Miga- ' I, : Ruins a M % signal_ storeid
359? or Iowan Head to taint Box
Ari I d fto kattoo i gag: i '.. r.". .; 370- MOE- . 573: tave = fun l we or neon! You win. toilets the link in the bottom Home
I. = battle
I no his not Inna TEE!!!
WP ? . f the an Follow this link upon defeating the are four:
if you don' t have a water type Pokemon
Add the "um ber created by the last you automaticlly lose this challen
it digits of your next out plus your
nitties total level : 3 for Water. Erase}
tee: Puke Hospital "' ratte
you get. If your number is / l, ewes: Forest/ W?
Battle 457455: have me: Poke Hospital
Hi l d greater then (pro ' alte Hospital Ruins HS
Trade it
appear Clio fotm Your number = WI? tie we = WM L
It' s the to new cove!
Add the number created by the last
I digits of your next post plus your
if oll mil BM or 1351] . loin: BEEF starter . u of our choice parties total level in For Grass) in
I I - Head to the Faint Bax 'i" Gegil' t Head to the Faint Box
Ite tthe to Platte a 1' batteri, or more- the tribute 4 levels We or more- , ffa' t 5 levels
n (teat , Level total . Rival is top poster -I - H andwe Pokemon Berth! Fe men
es. or more: Meet challenging of top It posters . ..'. f '
Add 1; potentials on NET -mount] “HIE "to were . ' Auir -
Him! than mount: he not distribute 5 level: T" "tive "teat ‘fill! MEET trade at least I
E r it . - " I I , Wrought the Gest we roost pose! It', time he doins
before rd ' anally. Add the num by created by the last Add the number created by the lee:
I pokemom face (he ‘Ell Ground, Cheast, Dark, Steel) on For Fire, Psychic]
l, Gym Leather, J _
5499- Htat in the Faint Bax - Head to the Faint Boer
The recites stole one of your pair. en! i!!!! The next you Bath ‘I' M W? ttwtt tait HEW! until
Remove one pokermon from your party R _ it! Mt Ema; tta Hahn is
taime- Haiti 133' thet Faint 351 - .. a ' i That pokemon now receives xit Atl Wat tecate (isdtea
Ttll or more: Team ranchers human; off agenda leveling when we distribute a
lube " levels amt your am Pm lebel to it hit tmd mull Mart tthe'.
as oath
Revive ALL the fainted
pokemon in your PC!
Oaks Tips: Evolution h this gum has NOTHING to do with level .EA%
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