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#192 - jackcow
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Rocket Team
Leader: Giovanni
Objetives: Its main focus is stealing or capturing, then selling, rare and strong Pokémon, it also funds and conducts cruel experimental research on Pokémon.

Magma & Aqua
Leaders: (Magma Maxie) & (Aqua Archie)
Magma: Team Magma's ultimate goal is to expand the amount of landmass in the world by awakening Groudon.
Aqua: Team Aqua's ultimate goal is to expand the amount of water in the world by awakening Kyogre.

Galactic Team
Leader: Cyrus
Objetives: Unlike previous villainous teams, their goals do not stop at the Pokémon world, with their plans being for the recreation of the entire Pokémon universe.

Plasma Team
Leader: N
Objetives: Team Plasma's goal is to free Pokémon from humans.
#241 to #192 - pedokidrofls
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User avatar #209 to #192 - MemeForce
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Gramps is what your rival always calls Proffesor Oak in FireRed and LeafGreen.

All the teams and gangs in Pokemon go as followed:


In conclusion, Professor Oak is secretly leader the leader of ever Pokemon Team/Gang in the series scaling across all the regions.
#224 to #209 - anon id: f2788808
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Team Plasma's real plan was so that they would be the only people in Unova to have pokemon, and they could dominate the region
#210 to #209 - jackcow
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