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Mystery solved.
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Oh god..
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My ******* sides
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Didney Worl?
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Got a little of those ragefaces as pokemons
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I'll post mine
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Eh... i could have sworn i had more.
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So I'm a writer and I have extra time on my hands between semesters at college. I'm thinking about writing a short story about a bug catcher trainer in the Pokemon world. Here is the premise. I just want reactions to see if it is even worth my time writing.

Oh yeah, it is slightly feely.

Ross heard about an expedition for 10 year olds. They were giving rare pokemon out at a man called Professor Oak's lab. He ran as fast as he could from Pewter town to the lab, but had problems getting thro the woods on the way without a pokemon. He found 3 pokeballs in the woods lying in tall grass, and used them to catch a caterpie and a metapod. He failed to catch anything with the 3rd ball.
Using metapod to absorb pokemon's blows and caterpie to disorient them with string shot, he finally made it to Professor Oaks. But when he walked in, there were no pokeballs. When he talked to Prof. Oak, he said he gave all of his pokemon away, even his back up Pikachu. Ross was too late, he had none of the rare pokemon.
Ross left, looking sad. He sat on a stoop crying. Then, caterpie nustled and nudged his side. Ross smiled down at him proudly.
"You will be my starter, Caterpie. No matter how long I have to wait in the woods for a rare Pokemon to battle the gym leader in Pewter down, we'll make it. We'll make it...
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i like it.
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Wow, this got front page again. No complaints here.
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**FlyingButt rolled a random image posted in comment #2 at -face palm- **
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For some reason, I'm reminded of Yukkuris.
I like yukkuris.
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