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#1 - wroughten (06/20/2013) [-]
Nerd time:
Garchomp has a base power of 600.
HP: 108
Attack: 130
Defense: 95
Sp.Atk: 80
Sp.Def: 85
Speed: 102

Jigglypuff has a base power of 270
HP: 115
Attack: 45
Defense: 20
Sp.Atk: 45
Sp.Def: 25
Speed: 20

Garchomp obviously have multiple times more power than a jigglypuff, so the super effective damage wouldn't help much
User avatar #25 to #1 - fyaq (06/21/2013) [-]
garchomp beats jigglypuff normally?

holy **** whoda thunk
#22 to #1 - fukkentyranitar ONLINE (06/21/2013) [-]
You have a difficult time making friends, don't you?
You have a difficult time making friends, don't you?
User avatar #21 to #1 - supamonkey (06/21/2013) [-]
Isn't DoubleSlap a Normal type move still?
#13 to #1 - emomonster (06/21/2013) [-]
Jigglypuff has higher HP. He totally wins. Hands down.
#8 to #1 - RageGuyyourmom ONLINE (06/21/2013) [-]
Dragons have been OP as **** for awhile and theres been some weird inconsistencies in pokemon with the complete overhaul theres a chance bst will change on pokemon or they'll get an evolution to allow fairies to actually kill dragons
#24 to #8 - anon (06/21/2013) [-]
Not really. Dragons are meant to be extremely powerful, that's why the pseudo-legendary is usually a dragon.
And why not? Dragons are damn cool.
#93 to #24 - RageGuyyourmom ONLINE (06/22/2013) [-]
Wait a minute youre telling me they're not overpowered because they're meant to be overpowered?

On another note if you can't knowledge that dragons resisting electric fire gas and water, while only being supereffectively damaged by ice a weak type offensively and dragon then youve got youre head in your ass.
#94 to #93 - anon (06/22/2013) [-]
"theres been some weird inconsistencies in pokemon"
Well you clearly thought they weren't meant to be strong.

"if you can't knowledge that dragons resisting... then youve got youre head in your ass."
I apologize sir, I was not aware I was speaking with an retard, I shall call your nurse straight away.
#96 to #94 - RageGuyyourmom ONLINE (06/22/2013) [-]
Okay i'll bite troll, yea they're meant to be strong in game but for a metagame its ridiculous one out of 17 types is the end all be all.
#97 to #96 - anon (06/23/2013) [-]
troll? You're the troll.
You said dragons were "a weird inconsistency," suggesting that you thought dragons weren't meant to be powerful, and when I said they were meant that way, you decided to be an asshole.
#98 to #97 - RageGuyyourmom ONLINE (06/23/2013) [-]
Okay numbnuts, lets try slowly here because apparently you're ******* retarded, dragons STRONG too strong, always win, not a fair game.
Was that simple enough or will you continue posting as an anon thumbing down everything I say even when its a legitimate point you piggly sonofabitch?
#99 to #98 - anon (06/23/2013) [-]
See, this is what I'm talking about, YOU are the troll.
This is a simple misunderstanding, you used words which weren't clear about their meaning ("there's been some weird inconsistencies in Pokemon") which I interpreted as you not understanding that dragons were meant to be strong, they weren't a "weird inconsistency", they were intentional.

Yet you choose, rather than realize that your wording was unclear, to be an asshole.
People like you are why the internet sucks.
#100 to #99 - RageGuyyourmom ONLINE (06/23/2013) [-]
**** I thought it would be somewhat obvious when I say some inconsistencies I'm not referring to only dragons as at no point did I mention dragons in the "theres been some weird inconsistencies" not "dragons have been inconsistent" Dragons have been overpowered and things haven't had an even playing field maybe if you could take the dragon dick out of your ass you'd realize how ******** their overpowered they are.
#101 to #100 - anon (06/23/2013) [-]
I have made absolutely no comment on the power or overpoweredness of dragons, only "Dragons are cool."

Seriously, you need to calm down before you have a stroke over McDonalds putting two pickle slices on your burger rather than three.
#102 to #101 - RageGuyyourmom ONLINE (06/23/2013) [-]
If I go to that ********* McDonald's and I had an aneurysm which caused me to forget the ********** of their burgers and they put any of what they call pickles on that terrible burger then I would bitch about getting two instead of three I know there's supposed to be three if I cant find the third and have to tear my ****** burger apart to find it then it's going to be a ******* mess and still taste like **** .

Yes Dragons can look pretty cool but once you hit 12 and see that the metagame experience is controlled by dragons then you realize they're overpowered due to high bst's typing combinations and lack of weakness's with a myriad of resistances. Educate yourself.
#103 to #102 - anon (06/25/2013) [-]
May I forward you to Steel and legendaries?
User avatar #31 to #24 - lordtakeo (06/21/2013) [-]
The new legendary pokemon will be fairies.
Just an example what they can change, also I think some attacks are also now fairy type, so a few strong pokemons shoulb be able to learn these, so they don't have to breed extra for an ice attack.
User avatar #32 to #31 - lordtakeo (06/21/2013) [-]
I should slap myself for writing "PokemonS".
User avatar #3 to #1 - commanderbunbun (06/20/2013) [-]
quit trying to over analyze a ******* joke, killjoy
User avatar #19 to #3 - skrynox (06/21/2013) [-]
He was just trying to prove himself so that he might not be considered a disgrace to the clan.

His attempt failed.
#16 to #3 - blueparty has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #9 to #3 - killjoyIIII (06/21/2013) [-]
you called?
User avatar #17 to #9 - commanderbunbun (06/21/2013) [-]
**** emomonster, thank you for coming
User avatar #18 to #17 - killjoyIIII (06/21/2013) [-]
Any time man
#12 to #9 - emomonster (06/21/2013) [-]
#4 to #3 - wroughten (06/20/2013) [-]
Okay sorry let me say it this way: the super effective hits wont help, since the dragons are stronger
User avatar #2 to #1 - azumeow (06/20/2013) [-]
The only things that really matter here are speed, defense, attack and health. But yeah, that super effective damage won't be of much help.
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