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#28 - dashgamer (06/30/2013) [-]
Rape isn't funny at all.
Rape isn't funny at all.
User avatar #68 to #28 - schneidend (06/30/2013) [-]
If you don't laugh, you'll cry.
#56 to #28 - justthisonepost **User deleted account** (06/30/2013) [-]
You're right, it's hilarious!
User avatar #53 to #28 - pawnman ONLINE (06/30/2013) [-]
I'm not standing a foot away from some guy raping a girl and laughing. I'm laughing at a comic of a god of Pokemon raping another Pokemon.

And I find it hilarious.
User avatar #34 to #28 - zaperzero ONLINE (06/30/2013) [-]
I find it hillarious because the two people I know who were raped had odd and (in my oppinion) comical rapes. The first, who is on this site and a friend of mine, was a male raped by his sister. I find that prospect funny, but it's actually quite sad because he was too young to enjoy it.
The second was a female, raped by her boyfriend. She kept saying no and one day he stuck his dick in her and took her virginity. She was terrified of dicks, but thanks to that she loves his. They have sex all the time and she's a, in her words,"Nympho" now.
#31 to #28 - mythichyphen (06/30/2013) [-]
Welcome to the internet ))
Welcome to the internet ))
User avatar #46 to #31 - godzillaeatslazers (06/30/2013) [-]
whats /b/
User avatar #80 to #46 - ninjamyles **User deleted account** (06/30/2013) [-]
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