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Prevent your old saves from being lost:

If you mess this up even a little you'll still lose your saves.
You'll need two wires and that tape.

1) Before you break the welding in picture 6, take the two wires and tape one to each flat side of the NEW battery. Tape them off center so when you slide it in the contacts touch the batter not the tape.

2) Tape the lose ends of the wires to the solder points on the outer edges of the bars that go above and below the battery. (the melted metal bulbs where the bars touch the circuit board) Be sure you've got your + and - correctly placed.

3)Proceed to remove the old and insert the new battery following the instructions (make sure the tape you put on the new battery doesn't block the connector bars) until you reach the 11th picture.

4) As you "Make it fit snuggly" remove the wires from the battery (as long as the bars are touching the battery properly you don't have to remove the extra tape). Make sure the bars are touching the battery properly as you remove the wires... this is the point you'll lose your saves if you're doing it wrong!)

5) Proceed taping the battery into place via the instructions given in the 11th picture.

6) Remove the wires and tape from the solder points. And finish reassembling the game via the above instructions.

7) Enjoy another 12 years with the same team you've had for the first 12.

I double commented this...I typed the wrong thing above, originaly it said tape the wires after you break the welding.. that needs to be done BEFORE you break the welding.
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thank you for this. because I have no belief in my reliability I will transfer them first but I may be able to save red this way