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playdnd: play dungeons and dragons

this channel is where you can play dnd on fj, what you need is access to either real copies of the books or pdf's

when someone posts content only the first person to comment can use that content unless the poster decides that they will use it,


if you favorite the game you are in it will never get lost,

if the DM kicks you out, don't post in the game

Character creation rolling will all be carried out in replies. Each player's turn is a new comment, all actions and rolls on that turn in replies to that comment.
To roll any specific die, do a modulus operation (return the remainder of a division operation) on a *roll 2*

anonymous rolls 19

19/20 = 0 remainder of 19, so I just rolled a 19 on a d20
on a d6, it is 19/6, which is 3 remainder of 1, meaning I rolled a three.
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