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#1 - ThekidsTEN (08/25/2012) [-]
Shouldn't have made your house out of wood
#2 to #1 - kwizzy (08/25/2012) [-]
It was all a set up anyways
User avatar #3 - dabronydude (08/25/2012) [-]
oh man i hate when this happens, god dam fire can set wood on fire from over 3 blocks i swear >_>
#4 to #3 - kwizzy (08/25/2012) [-]
Its not the fire, it's the smoke, if you have something directly over the fire, the smoke will bellow out towards the highest point, and if you're unlucky like yourself in this situation, the object the smoke touches will catch fire.
User avatar #5 to #4 - dabronydude (08/25/2012) [-]
fire shall feel my wrath!!
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