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#159 - NotASingleFuck
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(12/11/2012) [-]
Well, while we're all sharing dreams, here goes a nightmare that stuck with me for a long ass time.
>be 7 years old
>watching horror movies all day
>go to bed
>wake up, unknowingly in a dream
>see neighbor in a corner, head staring at the ground
>"Hey Chris!"
>Chris looks up, eyes pure black
>I find my mom washing dishes
>"Mom, why is chris in my room?"
>Chris isnt here...
>Go back to room, Chris is gone.
Memory goes dark through this part, but I can pick back up here.
>Mom eventually calls psychic, **** hits the fan
>Everything has a blue tint, chairs and books flying around the room
>The psychic is standing still, his eyes closed.
>Suddenly, the lighting is normal again and everything flying around just drops
>Psychic looks up
>"They want the boy."
>I wake up in a sweat, only now realizing this was a dream.
>MFW again.