North Korea is Best Korea. .. where did you send all that time?


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where did you send all that time?
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**** ... i dun goofed
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What they would post if they had the internet
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Fun Fact: He cuts his own hair because he is afraid of barbers.
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Fun Fact: He has a older brother, Kim is only the leader now because ill denounced him and said his oldest son was two womanly.
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oh did you watch the alltime10 video too?
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Yup ^_^
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It kind of annoys me how no one takes North Korea seriously, especially Kim Jong Un. They do pose a real threat, especially since it was just found out through the leakage of classified information that NK can mount nuclear weapons on missiles, or at least on missiles capable of going farther distances. Will they take over the world or be able to withstand a full out war with the U.S.? Probably not. That doesn't mean NK should be projected the way it is.

Kim Jong Un is a well-educated, smart guy. He looks down right silly, of course, but his family hasn't stayed in power for so long without cause. He's a brutal dictator, and he knows and understands how to keep people under control. It's incredible. He's probably issuing all these threats and testing missiles in an attempt to show the world North Korea isn't as weak as people think. I can't really blame him for his course of action, either. He can't get all peaceful with the world without losing control of the NK population. The citizens there are taught and indoctrinated to hate Americans and pretty much all foreigners. If Kim made real peace efforts, people would doubt him or feel inclined to have more freedoms, even when he wouldn't want them to.

Boasting NK's nuclear capabilities is really the only way to attempt to gain the world's respect, or at least recognition as a viable nuclear nation not to be ignored or made fun of. Kim Jong Un and NK as a whole really shouldn't be viewed as a silly fat man with a bad haircut ruling a tiny, weak nation.

North Korea and Kim Jong Un need to be treated as a viable threat.
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They are treated as a very real and significant threat by South Korea, Japan, the US, and the UN.
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Most of these posts are probably made by Americans, since North Korea's longest reaching missile MIGHT be able to hit Hawaii if they can even aim it.
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Well I'm American, lived in the deep south my entire life too.
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You really have nothing to worry about then, North Korea is decades behind in the Nuclear race. We'd be able to shoot down any missiles they managed to launch, even though the only ones in any real danger from North Korea is South Korea and North Korea.
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I'm just cautious about underestimating them. Japan's at risk too. Like I said earlier, I'm not trying to say North Korea could take over America/the world or even invade the U.S. mainland. What I'm trying to say is that they need to be treated like an actual threat by everyone, not necessarily a threat to a whole nation or planet, but as a threat to any living person a missile could hit.
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Just realized Sid from Toy Story is Jimmy Neutron with Downs Syndrome.
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what kind of comparison is that?
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**cullenatorguy rolled a random image posted in comment #1449945 at Friendly **
mfw this actually happens
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That picture of him crying isn't cool, man. That's from when his dad died. :(
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my favorite
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the swag one, oh my 			*******		 god
the swag one, oh my ******* god
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Fun fact: Kim Jong Un doesn't trust barbers and therefore cuts his own hair.
It's a thing in North Korea now.
Whole vid full of this **** :
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Americans are making fun of Kim Jong-un for being fat... really?
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>Implying that it's only Americans who are making fun of him.
>Implying that it's only Americans who are making fun of him.
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