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Dirty Harry (No rap) - Gorillaz

TO DOWNLOAD: Current Link: www.mediafire.com/?tmbt29rd383e28f
Dirty Harry by Gorillaz without the rap segement, which has been completely taken out.

I do not own Gorillaz or Dirty Harry. The Gorillaz are owned by EMI, Virgin Records, or Parlaphone. The Gorillaz were created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.

You love them don't you? Well then show it! Buy some sweet merch at their store!
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Submitted: 04/23/2012
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#1 - zhooker (04/23/2012) [-]
Oh God. I love you so much.
Oh God. I love you so much.
#2 - radrussian (04/23/2012) [-]
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